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School of Public Health: Brammli-Greenberg Shuli

Researchers / חוקרים

 Last updated December 2021 - School of Public Health

List of Publications

(1) Marchildon GP, Brammli-Greenberg S, Dayan M, De Belvis AG, Gandré C, Isaksson D, et al. Achieving higher performing primary care through patient registration: A review of twelve high-income countries. Health Policy 2021;125(12):1507-1516.

(2) Shahbari NAE, Gesser-Edelsburg A, Davidovitch N, Brammli-Greenberg S, Grifat R, Mesch GS. Factors associated with seasonal influenza and HPV vaccination uptake among different ethnic groups in Arab and Jewish society in Israel. Int J Equity Health 2021;20(1).

(3) Brammli-Greenberg S, Yaari I, Daniels E, Adijes-Toren A. How Managed Entry Agreements can improve allocation in the public health system: a mechanism design approach. Eur J Health Econ 2021;22(5):699-709.

(4) Greenberg SB, Dotan E, Arazi R. The insurability of innovative pharmaceutical cancer technologies. Isr J Health Policy Res 2020;9(1).

(5) Haimi M, Brammli-Greenberg S, Waisman Y, Stein N, Baron-Epel O. The role of non-medical factors in physicians’ decision-making process in a pediatric telemedicine service. Health Informatics J 2020;26(2):1152-1176.

(6) Waitzberg R, Davidovitch N, Leibner G, Penn N, Brammli-Greenberg S. Israel's response to the COVID-19 pandemic: Tailoring measures for vulnerable cultural minority populations. Int J Equity Health 2020;19(1).

(7) Gileles-Hillel A, Mor-Shaked H, Shoseyov D, Reiter J, Tsabari R, Hevroni A, et al. Whole-exome sequencing accuracy in the diagnosis of primary ciliary dyskinesia. ERJ Open Res 2020;6(4).

(8) Haimi M, Brammli-Greenberg S, Baron-Epel O, Waisman Y. Assessing patient safety in a pediatric telemedicine setting: A multi-methods study. BMC Med Informatics Decis Mak 2020;20(1).

(9) Brammli-Greenberg S, Glazer J, Waitzberg R. Modest risk-sharing significantly reduces health plans’ incentives for service distortion. Eur J Health Econ 2019;20(9):1359-1374.

(10) Waitzberg R, Quentin W, Daniels E, Perman V, Brammli-Greenberg S, Busse R, et al. The 2010 expansion of activity-based hospital payment in Israel: An evaluation of effects at the ward level. BMC Health Serv Res 2019;19(1).

(11) Brammli-Greenberg S, Glazer J, Shapiro E. The Inverse U-Shaped Religion–Health Connection Among Israeli Jews. J Relig Health 2018;57(2):738-750.

(12) Brammli-Greenberg S, Glazer J, Shmueli A. Regulated competition and health plan payment under the national health insurance law in Israel-the unfinished story. Risk Adjustment, Risk Sharing and Premium Regulation in Health Insurance Markets: Theory and Practice; 2018. p. 365-395.

(13) Haimi M, Brammli-Greenberg S, Waisman Y, Baron-Epel O. Physicians’ experiences, attitudes and challenges in a Pediatric Telemedicine Service. Pediatr Res 2018.

(14) Brammli-Greenberg S, Waitzberg R, Perman V, Gamzu R. Why and how did Israel adopt activity-based hospital payment? The Procedure-Related Group incremental reform. Health Policy 2016;120(10):1171-1176.

(15) Brammli Greenberg S. Inequalities in waiting times by socioeconomic status - A possible causal mechanism. Isr J Health Policy Res 2015;4(1).

(16) Brammli-Greenberg S, Waitzberg R, Medina-Artom T, Adijes-Toren A. Low-budget policy tool to empower Israeli insureds to demand their rights in the healthcare system. Health Policy 2014;118(3):279-284.

(17) Zwanziger J, Brammli-Greenberg S. Strong government influence over the Israeli health care system has led to low rates of spending growth. Health Aff 2011;30(9):1779-1785.

(18) Gross R, Brammli-Greenberg S, Rabinowitz J, Gordon B, Afek A. Disparities in obesity temporal trends of Israeli adolescents by ethnic origin. Int J Pediatr Obes 2011;6(2 -2):e154-e161.

(19) Rosen B, Brammli-Greenberg S, Gross R, Feldman R. When co-payments for physician visits can affect supply as well as demand: Findings from a natural experiment in Israel's national health insurance system. Int J Health Plann Manage 2011;26(2):e68-e84.

(20) Gross R, Brammli-Greenberg S, Gordon B, Rabinowitz J, Afek A. Population-Based Trends in Male Adolescent Obesity in Israel 1967-2003. J Adolesc Health 2009;44(2):195-198.

(21) Gross R, Brammli-Greenberg S, Tabenkin H, Benbassat J. Primary care physicians' discussion of emotional distress and patient satisfaction. Int J Psychiatry Med 2007;37(3):331-345.

(22) Gross R, Tabenkin H, Brammli-Greenberg S, Benbassat J. The association between inquiry about emotional distress and women's satisfaction with their family Physician: Findings from a national survey. Women Health 2007;45(1):51-67.

(23) Gross R, Tabenkin H, Brammli-Greenberg S. Factors affecting primary care physicians' perceptions of health system reform in Israel: Professional autonomy versus organizational affiliation. Soc Sci Med 2007;64(7):1450-1462.

(24) Gross R, Tabenkin H, Schoen C, Brammli-Greenberg S, Simantov E. Health counseling for women in the absence of financial barriers: Comparing reported counseling rates of women in the United States and Israel. Women Health 2006;43(1):1-18.

(25) Gross R, Brammli-Greenberg S. Evaluating the effect of regulatory prohibitions against risk selection by health status on supplemental insurance ownership in Israel. Soc Sci Med 2004;58(9):1609-1622.

(26) Bentur N, Gross R, Brammli-Greenberg S. Satisfaction with and access to community care of the chronically ill in Israel's health system. Health Policy 2004;67(2):129-136.

(27) Gross R, Brammli-Greenberg S, Bentur N. Women Caring for Disabled Parents and Other Relatives: Implications for Social Workers in the Health Services. Soc Work Health Care 2003;37(4):19-37.

(28) Schoen C, Simantov E, Gross R, Brammli S, Leiman J. Disparities in women's health and health care experiences in the United States and Israel: Findings from 1998 national women's health surveys. Women Health 2003;37(1):49-70.

(29) Gross R, Brammli-Greenberg S, Remennick L. Self-rated health status and health care utilization among immigrant and non-immigrant Israeli Jewish women. Women Health 2001;34(3):53-69.

(30) Tabenkin H, Gross R, Greenberg SB, Steinmetz D, Elhayany A. Primary care physicians in Israel: Self-perception of their role in the healthcare system and policy makers' and patients' perception of them as gatekeepers. Isr Med Assoc J 2001;3(12):893-897.

(31) Lubish L, Greenberg S, Friger M, Shvartzman P. Breast cancer screening in two multicultural family practice teaching clinics. Isr Med Assoc J 2001;3(8):579-583.

(32) Gross R, Tabenkin H, Brammli-Greenberg S. Gatekeeping: a challenge in the management of primary care physicians. J Manag Med 2001;15(4-5):283-298.

(33) Tabenkin H, Gross R, Bramli-Greenberg S. How Israeli primary care physicians perceive their role in the health care system. J Ambul Care Manage 2001;24(2):19-29.

(34) Gross R, Tabenkin H, Brammli-Greenberg S. What do primary care physicians think of Israel's health policy reform? Harefuah 2000;139(1-2):1-8, 80.

(35) Gross R, Tabenkin H, Brammli-Greenberg S. Who needs a gatekeeper? Patients' views of the role of the primary care physician. Fam Pract 2000;17(3):222-229.

(36) Tabenkin H, Gross R, Brammli S, Shvartzman P. Patients' views of direct access to specialists: An Israeli experience. J Am Med Assoc 1998;279(24):1943-1948.