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School of Pharmacy : Goldblum Amiram


 Last updated December 2021 - School of Pharmacy

List of Publications

(1) El-Atawneh S, Hirsch S, Hadar R, Tam J, Goldblum A. Erratum: Prediction and experimental confirmation of novel peripheral cannabinoid-1 receptor antagonists (J. Chem. Inf. Model. (2019) 59:9 (3996-4006) DOI: 10.1021/acs.jcim.9b00577). J Chem Inf Model 2020;60(10):5282.

(2) Da'Adoosh B, Kaito K, Miyashita K, Sakaguchi M, Goldblum A. Computational design of substrate selective inhibition. PLoS Comput Biol 2020;16(3).

(3) Da’adoosh B, Marcus D, Rayan A, King F, Che J, Goldblum A. Discovering highly selective and diverse PPAR-delta agonists by ligand based machine learning and structural modeling. Sci Rep 2019;9(1).

(4) El-Atawneh S, Hirsch S, Hadar R, Tam J, Goldblum A. Prediction and Experimental Confirmation of Novel Peripheral Cannabinoid-1 Receptor Antagonists. J Chem Inf Model 2019;59(9):3996-4006.

(5) Cern A, Marcus D, Tropsha A, Barenholz Y, Goldblum A. New drug candidates for liposomal delivery identified by computer modeling of liposomes' remote loading and leakage. J Control Release 2017;252:18-27.

(6) Lerner I, Goldblum A, Rayan A, Vardi A, Michaeli A. From finance to molecular modeling algorithms: The risk and return heuristic. Curr Top Pept Protein Res 2017;18:117-131.

(7) Basu A, Sohn Y-, Alyan M, Nechushtai R, Domb AJ, Goldblum A. Discovering Novel and Diverse Iron-Chelators in Silico. J Chem Inf Model 2016;56(12):2476-2485.

(8) Zatsepin M, Mattes A, Rupp S, Finkelmeier D, Basu A, Burger-Kentischer A, et al. Computational Discovery and Experimental Confirmation of TLR9 Receptor Antagonist Leads. J Chem Inf Model 2016;56(9):1835-1846.

(9) Cern A, Michael-Gayego A, Bavli Y, Koren E, Goldblum A, Moses AE, et al. Nano-mupirocin: Enabling the parenteral activity of mupirocin. Eur J Nanomed 2016;8(3):139-149.

(10) Sean Froese D, Michaeli A, McCorvie TJ, Krojer T, Sasi M, Melaev E, et al. Structural basis of glycogen branching enzyme deficiency and pharmacologic rescue by rational peptide design. Hum Mol Genet 2015;24(20):5667-5676.

(11) Stern N, Goldblum A. Iterative stochastic elimination for solving complex combinatorial problems in drug discovery. Isr J Chem 2014;54(8-9):1338-1357.

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(13) Cern A, Barenholz Y, Tropsha A, Goldblum A. Computer-aided design of liposomal drugs: In silico prediction and experimental validation of drug candidates for liposomal remote loading. J Control Release 2014;173(1):125-131.

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(15) Cern A, Golbraikh A, Sedykh A, Tropsha A, Barenholz Y, Goldblum A. Quantitative structure - Property relationship modeling of remote liposome loading of drugs. J Control Release 2012;160(2):147-157.

(16) Mian AA, Schüll M, Oancea C, Najajreh Y, Mahajna J, Goldblum A, et al. Targeting the oligomerization of BCR/ABL by membrane permeable competitive peptides inhibits the proliferation of Philadelphia Chromosome positive leukemic cells. Open Hematol J 2011;5(1):21-27.

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(19) Efrat NOY, Goldblum A. Flexible protein-protein docking based on best-first search algorithm. J Comput Chem 2010;31(9):1929-1943.

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(22) Gorelik B, Goldblum A. High quality binding modes in docking ligands to proteins. Proteins Struct Funct Genet 2008;71(3):1373-1386.

(23) Ittah S, Michaeli A, Goldblum A, Gat U. A model for the structure of the C-terminal domain of dragline spider silk and the role of its conserved cysteine. Biomacromolecules 2007;8(9):2768-2773.

(24) Noy E, Tabakman T, Goldblum A. Constructing ensembles of flexible fragments in native proteins by iterative stochastic elimination is relevant to protein-protein interfaces. Proteins Struct Funct Genet 2007;68(3):702-711.

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