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School of Pharmacy : Tam Joseph


 Last updated December 2021 - School of Pharmacy

List of Publications

(1) Daniel T, Ben-Shachar M, Drori E, Hamad S, Permyakova A, Ben-Cnaan E, et al. Grape pomace reduces the severity of non-alcoholic hepatic steatosis and the development of steatohepatitis by improving insulin sensitivity and reducing ectopic fat deposition in mice. J Nutr Biochem 2021;98.

(2) Myers MN, Zachut M, Tam J, Contreras GA. A proposed modulatory role of the endocannabinoid system on adipose tissue metabolism and appetite in periparturient dairy cows. J Animal Sci Biotechnol 2021;12(1).

(3) Kakhlon O, Vaknin H, Mishra K, D’Souza J, Marisat M, Sprecher U, et al. Alleviation of a polyglucosan storage disorder by enhancement of autophagic glycogen catabolism. EMBO Mol Med 2021;13(10).

(4) Ben-Haroush Schyr R, Al-Kurd A, Moalem B, Permyakova A, Israeli H, Bardugo A, et al. Sleeve Gastrectomy Suppresses Hepatic Glucose Production and Increases Hepatic Insulin Clearance Independent of Weight Loss. Diabetes 2021;70(10):2289-2298.

(5) Tartakover Matalon S, Azar S, Meiri D, Hadar R, Nemirovski A, Abu Jabal N, et al. Endocannabinoid Levels in Ulcerative Colitis Patients Correlate With Clinical Parameters and Are Affected by Cannabis Consumption. Front Endocrinol 2021;12.

(6) Grunewald M, Kumar S, Sharife H, Volinsky E, Gileles-Hillel A, Licht T, et al. Counteracting age-related VEGF signaling insufficiency promotes healthy aging and extends life span. Science 2021;373(6554).

(7) Baraghithy S, Soae Y, Assaf D, Hinden L, Udi S, Drori A, et al. Renal proximal tubule cell cannabinoid-1 receptor regulates bone remodeling and mass via a kidney-to-bone axis. Cells 2021;10(2):1-20.

(8) Hinden L, Kogot-Levin A, Tam J, Leibowitz G. Pathogenesis of diabesity-induced kidney disease: role of kidney nutrient sensing. FEBS J 2021.

(9) Azar S, Udi S, Drori A, Hadar R, Nemirovski A, Vemuri KV, et al. Reversal of diet-induced hepatic steatosis by peripheral CB1 receptor blockade in mice is p53/miRNA-22/SIRT1/PPARα dependent. Mol Metab 2020;42.

(10) Eger M, Bader M, Bree D, Hadar R, Nemirovski A, Tam J, et al. Author Correction: Bone Anabolic Response in the Calvaria Following Mild Traumatic Brain Injury is Mediated by the Cannabinoid-1 Receptor (Scientific Reports, (2019), 9, 1, (16196), 10.1038/s41598-019-51720-w). Sci Rep 2020;10(1).

(11) Drori A, Gammal A, Azar S, Hinden L, Hadar R, Wesley D, et al. Cb1r regulates soluble leptin receptor levels via chop, contributing to hepatic leptin resistance. eLife 2020;9:1-26.

(12) El-Atawneh S, Hirsch S, Hadar R, Tam J, Goldblum A. Erratum: Prediction and experimental confirmation of novel peripheral cannabinoid-1 receptor antagonists (J. Chem. Inf. Model. (2019) 59:9 (3996-4006) DOI: 10.1021/acs.jcim.9b00577). J Chem Inf Model 2020;60(10):5282.

(13) Chai C, Cox B, Yaish D, Gross D, Rosenberg N, Amblard F, et al. Agonist of RORA Attenuates Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Progression in Mice via Up-regulation of MicroRNA 122. Gastroenterology 2020;159(3):999-1014.e9.

(14) Kogot-Levin A, Hinden L, Riahi Y, Israeli T, Tirosh B, Cerasi E, et al. Proximal Tubule mTORC1 Is a Central Player in the Pathophysiology of Diabetic Nephropathy and Its Correction by SGLT2 Inhibitors. Cell Rep 2020;32(4).

(15) Permyakova A, Gammal A, Hinden L, Weitman M, Weinstock M, Tam J. A Novel Indoline Derivative Ameliorates Diabesity-Induced Chronic Kidney Disease by Reducing Metabolic Abnormalities. Front Endocrinol 2020;11.

(16) Udi S, Hinden L, Ahmad M, Drori A, Iyer MR, Cinar R, et al. Dual inhibition of cannabinoid CB1 receptor and inducible NOS attenuates obesity-induced chronic kidney disease. Br J Pharmacol 2020;177(1):110-127.

(17) Braxton TM, Sarpong DEA, Dovey JL, Guillou A, Evans BAJ, Castellano JM, et al. Thermoneutrality improves skeletal impairment in adult Prader-Willi syndrome mice. J Endocrinol 2019;243(3):175-186.

(18) Eger M, Bader M, Bree D, Hadar R, Nemerovski A, Tam J, et al. Bone Anabolic Response in the Calvaria Following Mild Traumatic Brain Injury is Mediated by the Cannabinoid-1 Receptor. Sci Rep 2019;9(1).

(19) Baraghithy S, Smoum R, Attar-Namdar M, Mechoulam R, Bab I, Tam J. Hu-671, a novel oleoyl serine derivative, exhibits enhanced efficacy in reversing ovariectomy-induced osteoporosis and bone marrow adiposity. Molecules 2019;24(20).

(20) El-Atawneh S, Hirsch S, Hadar R, Tam J, Goldblum A. Prediction and Experimental Confirmation of Novel Peripheral Cannabinoid-1 Receptor Antagonists. J Chem Inf Model 2019;59(9):3996-4006.

(21) Hinden L, Tam J. Do endocannabinoids regulate glucose reabsorption in the kidney? Nephron 2019;143(1):24-27.

(22) Hirsch S, Tam J. Cannabis: From a plant that modulates feeding behaviors toward developing selective inhibitors of the peripheral endocannabinoid system for the treatment of obesity and metabolic syndrome. Toxins 2019;11(5).

(23) Abu-Remaileh M, Abu-Remaileh M, Akkawi R, Knani I, Udi S, Pacold ME, et al. WWOX somatic ablation in skeletal muscles alters glucose metabolism. Mol Metab 2019;22:132-140.

(24) Aran A, Eylon M, Harel M, Polianski L, Nemirovski A, Tepper S, et al. Lower circulating endocannabinoid levels in children with autism spectrum disorder. Mol Autism 2019;10(1).

(25) Azar S, Sherf-Dagan S, Nemirovski A, Webb M, Raziel A, Keidar A, et al. Circulating Endocannabinoids Are Reduced Following Bariatric Surgery and Associated with Improved Metabolic Homeostasis in Humans. Obes Surg 2019;29(1):268-276.

(26) Baraghithy S, Smoum R, Drori A, Hadar R, Gammal A, Hirsch S, et al. Magel2 Modulates Bone Remodeling and Mass in Prader-Willi Syndrome by Affecting Oleoyl Serine Levels and Activity. J Bone Miner Res 2019;34(1):93-105.

(27) Drori A, Permyakova A, Hadar R, Udi S, Nemirovski A, Tam J. Cannabinoid-1 receptor regulates mitochondrial dynamics and function in renal proximal tubular cells. Diabetes Obes Metab 2019;21(1):146-159.

(28) Ganot N, Briaitbard O, Gammal A, Tam J, Hochman J, Tshuva EY. In Vivo Anticancer Activity of a Nontoxic Inert Phenolato Titanium Complex: High Efficacy on Solid Tumors Alone and Combined with Platinum Drugs. ChemMedChem 2018;13(21):2290-2296.

(29) Zachut M, Kra G, Moallem U, Livshitz L, Levin Y, Udi S, et al. Characterization of the endocannabinoid system in subcutaneous adipose tissue in periparturient dairy cows and its association to metabolic profiles. PLoS ONE 2018;13(11).

(30) Hanin G, Yayon N, Tzur Y, Haviv R, Bennett ER, Udi S, et al. miRNA-132 induces hepatic steatosis and hyperlipidaemia by synergistic multitarget suppression. Gut 2018;67(6):1124-1134.

(31) Tam J, Hinden L, Drori A, Udi S, Azar S, Baraghithy S. The therapeutic potential of targeting the peripheral endocannabinoid/CB1 receptor system. Eur J Intern Med 2018;49:23-29.

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(35) Drori A, Rotnemer-Golinkin D, Avni S, Drori A, Danay O, Levanon D, et al. Attenuating the rate of total body fat accumulation and alleviating liver damage by oral administration of vitamin D-enriched edible mushrooms in a diet-induced obesity murine model is mediated by an anti-inflammatory paradigm shift. BMC Gastroenterol 2017;17(1).

(36) Chai C, Rivkin M, Berkovits L, Simerzin A, Zorde-Khvalevsky E, Rosenberg N, et al. Metabolic Circuit Involving Free Fatty Acids, microRNA 122, and Triglyceride Synthesis in Liver and Muscle Tissues. Gastroenterology 2017;153(5):1404-1415.

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