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School of Occupational Therapy: Langer Danit


 Last updated December 2021 - School of Occupational Therapy

List of Publications

(1) Netanely S, Luria S, Langer D. Musculoskeletal disorders among dental hygienist and students of dental hygiene. Int J Dent Hyg 2020;18(2):210-216.

(2) Langer D, Luria S, Michailevich M, Maeir A. Long-term functional outcome of trigger finger. Disabil Rehabil 2018;40(1):90-95.

(3) Langer D, Maeir A, Michailevich M, Luria S. Evaluating hand function in clients with trigger finger. Occup Ther Int 2017;2017(1).

(4) Langer D, Maeir A, Michailevich M, Applebaum Y, Luria S. Using the international classification of functioning to examine the impact of trigger finger. Disabil Rehabil 2016;38(26):2530-2537.

(5) Barzel O, Avny O, Langer D, Chernofsky M, Almog G, Luria S. STENOSING FLEXOR TENOSYNOVITIS - COMMON PRACTICE OF FAMILY PHYSICIANS, ORTHOPEDIC AND HAND SURGEONS. Harefuah 2016;155(3):150-4, 196-7.

(6) Langer D, Luria S, Bar-Haim Erez A, Michailevich M, Rogev N, Maeir A. Stenosing flexor tenosynovitis: Validity of standard assessment tools of daily functioning and quality of life. J Hand Ther 2015;28(4):384-388.

(7) Langer D, Luria S, Maeir A, Erez A. Occupation-based assessments and treatments of trigger finger: a survey of occupational therapists from Israel and the United States. Occup Ther Int 2014;21(4):143-155.