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School of Occupational Therapy: Nahum Mor


 Last updated December 2021 - School of Occupational Therapy

List of Publications

(1) Ben-Dor Cohen M, Eldar E, Maeir A, Nahum M. Emotional dysregulation and health related quality of life in young adults with ADHD: a cross sectional study. Health Qual Life Outcomes 2021;19(1).

(2) Shimony O, Einav N, Bonne O, Jordan JT, Van Vleet TM, Nahum M. The association between implicit and explicit affective inhibitory control, rumination and depressive symptoms. Sci Rep 2021;11(1).

(3) Weiblen R, Mairon N, Krach S, Buades-Rotger M, Nahum M, Kanske P, et al. The influence of anger on empathy and theory of mind. PLoS ONE 2021;16(7 July 2021).

(4) Maeir T, Nahum M, Makranz C, Hoba A, Peretz T, Nagary SN, et al. The feasibility of a combined model of online interventions for adults with cancer-related cognitive impairment. Br J Occup Ther 2021;84(7):430-440.

(5) Sinvani R-, Fogel-Grinvald H, Afek A, Ben-Avraham R, Davidov A, Cohen NB, et al. Ecological Momentary Mood, Resilience, and Mental Health Status as Predictors of Quality of Life Among Young Adults Under Stress: A Structural Equation Modeling Analysis. Front Psychiatry 2021;12.

(6) Berger I, Dakwar-Kawar O, Grossman ES, Nahum M, Cohen Kadosh R. Scaffolding the attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder brain using transcranial direct current and random noise stimulation: A randomized controlled trial. Clin Neurophysiol 2021;132(3):699-707.

(7) Mortazavi M, Aigner KM, Antono JE, Gambacorta C, Nahum M, Levi DM, et al. Neural correlates of visual spatial selective attention are altered at early and late processing stages in human amblyopia. Eur J Neurosci 2021;53(4):1086-1106.

(8) Nahum M, Lee H, Fisher M, Green MF, Hooker CI, Ventura J, et al. Online Social Cognition Training in Schizophrenia: A Double-Blind, Randomized, Controlled Multi-Site Clinical Trial. Schizophr Bull 2021;47(1):108-117.

(9) Afek A, Ben-Avraham R, Davidov A, Berezin Cohen N, Ben Yehuda A, Gilboa Y, et al. Psychological Resilience, Mental Health, and Inhibitory Control Among Youth and Young Adults Under Stress. Front Psychiatry 2021;11.

(10) Ben-Avraham R, Afek A, Berezin Cohen N, Davidov A, Van Vleet T, Jordan J, et al. Feasibility and preliminary effectiveness of mobile cognitive control training during basic combat training in the military. Mil Psychol 2021.

(11) Mairon N, Nahum M, Stolk A, Knight RT, Perry A. Behavioral and EEG Measures Show no Amplifying Effects of Shared Attention on Attention or Memory. Sci Rep 2020;10(1).

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(13) Rowlands A, Fisher M, Mishra J, Nahum M, Brandrett B, Reinke M, et al. Cognitive Training for Very High Risk Incarcerated Adolescent Males. Front Psychiatry 2020;11.

(14) Nahum M, Bavelier D. Video games as rich environments to foster brain plasticity. Handb Clin Neurol 2020;168:117-136.

(15) Haut KM, Dodell-Feder D, Guty E, Nahum M, Hooker CI. Change in Objective Measure of Empathic Accuracy Following Social Cognitive Training. Front Psychiatry 2019;10.

(16) Biagianti B, Fisher M, Brandrett B, Schlosser D, Loewy R, Nahum M, et al. Development and testing of a web-based battery to remotely assess cognitive health in individuals with schizophrenia. Schizophr Res 2019;208:250-257.

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(19) Gambacorta C, Nahum M, Vedamurthy I, Bayliss J, Jordan J, Bavelier D, et al. An action video game for the treatment of amblyopia in children: A feasibility study. Vis Res 2018;148:1-14.

(20) Azencott C-, Aittokallio T, Roy S, Norman T, Friend S, Stolovitzky G, et al. The inconvenience of data of convenience: Computational research beyond post-mortem analyses. Nat Methods 2017;14(10):937-938.

(21) Nahum M, Van Vleet TM, Sohal VS, Mirzabekov JJ, Rao VR, Wallace DL, et al. Immediate mood scaler: Tracking symptoms of depression and anxiety using a novel mobile mood scale. JMIR mHealth uHealth 2017;5(4).

(22) Fisher M, Nahum M, Howard E, Rowlands A, Brandrett B, Kermott A, et al. Supplementing intensive targeted computerized cognitive training with social cognitive exercises for people with schizophrenia: An interim report. Psychiatr Rehab J 2017;40(1):21-32.

(23) Biagianti B, Schlosser D, Nahum M, Woolley J, Vinogradov S. Creating live interactions to mitigate barriers (CLIMB): A mobile intervention to improve social functioning in people with chronic psychotic disorders. JMIR Ment Heal 2016;3(4).

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