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School of Occupational Therapy: Lipskaya-Velikovsky Elena


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 Last updated December 2021 - School of Occupational Therapy

List of Publications

(1) Lipskaya-Velikovsky L. COVID-19 isolation in healthy population in israel: Challenges in daily life, mental health, resilience, and quality of life. Int J Environ Res Public Health 2021;18(3):1-16.

(2) Lipskaya-Velikovsky L, Krupa T, Silvan-Kosovich I, Kotler M. Occupation-focused intervention for in-patient mental health settings: Pilot study of effectiveness. J Psychiatr Res 2020;125:45-51.

(3) Cognitive remediation using virtual reality and an electrophysiological marker of attention for promotion of cognition and everyday functioning among people with psychotic disorder: A case study. International Conference on Virtual Rehabilitation, ICVR; 2019.

(4) Lipskaya-Velikovsky L, Elgerisi D, Easterbrook A, Ratzon NZ. Motor skills, cognition, and work performance of people with severe mental illness. Disabil Rehabil 2019;41(12):1396-1402.

(5) Hellinger N, Lipskaya-Velikovsky L, Weizman A, Ratzon NZ. Comparing executive functioning and clinical and sociodemographic characteristics of people with schizophrenia who hold a driver’s license to those who do not. Can J Occup Ther 2019;86(1):70-80.

(6) Avrech Bar M, Pade M, Jarus T, Gat S, Kaufman Cohen Y, Lipskaya-Velikovsky L. Problem-based learning in occupational therapy curriculum–implications and challenges. Disabil Rehabil 2018;40(17):2098-2104.

(7) Lipskaya-Velikovsky L, Zeilig G, Weingarden H, Rozental-Iluz C, Rand D. Executive functioning and daily living of individuals with chronic stroke: Measurement and implications. Int J Rehabil Res 2018;41(2):122-127.

(8) Lipskaya-Velikovsky L, Jarus T, Kotler M. Prediction of the intensity and diversity of day-to-day activities among people with schizophrenia using parameters obtained during acute hospitalization. Disabil Rehabil 2017;39(13):1300-1306.

(9) Lipskaya-Velikovsky L, Jarus T, Easterbrook A, Kotler M. Participation in daily life of people with schizophrenia in comparison to the general population. Can J Occup Ther 2016;83(5):297-305.

(10) Lipskaya-Velikovsky L, Kotler M, Jarus T. Factors discriminating employment status following in-patient evaluation among persons with schizophrenia. Work 2016;53(3):469-478.

(11) Lipskaya-Velikovsky L, Kotler M, Easterbrook A, Jarus T. From hospital admission to independent living: Is prediction possible? Psychiatry Res 2015;226(2-3):499-506.

(12) Lipskaya-Velikovsky L, Bar-Shalita T, Bart O. Sensory modulation and daily-life participation in people with schizophrenia. Compr Psychiatry 2015;58:130-137.

(13) Lipskaya-Velikovsky L, Avrech Bar M, Bart O. Context and psychosocial intervention in mental health. Scand J Occup Ther 2014;21(2):136-144.

(14) Lipskaya-Velikovsky L, Kotler M, Weiss P, Kaspi M, Gamzo S, Ratzon N. Car driving in schizophrenia: Can visual memory and organization make a difference? Disabil Rehabil 2013;35(20):1734-1739.

(15) Lipskaya L, Jarus T, Kotler M. Influence of cognition and symptoms of schizophrenia on IADL performance. Scand J Occup Ther 2011;18(3):180-187.