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The Faculty of Medicine - Microbiology and Molecular Genetics: Ben-Yehuda Sigal


 Last updated June 2021 - School of Pharmacy

List of Publications

(1) Baidya AK, Rosenshine I, Ben-Yehuda S. Donor-delivered cell wall hydrolases facilitate nanotube penetration into recipient bacteria. Nat Commun 2020;11(1).

(2) Hashuel R, Ben-Yehuda S. Aging of a bacterial colony enforces the evolvement of nondifferentiating mutants. mBio 2019;10(5).

(3) Torres R, Carrasco B, Gándara C, Baidya AK, Ben-Yehuda S, Alonso JC. Bacillus subtilis DisA regulates RecA-mediated DNA strand exchange. Nucleic Acids Res 2019;47(10):5141-5154.

(4) Habusha M, Tzipilevich E, Fiyaksel O, Ben-Yehuda S. A mutant bacteriophage evolved to infect resistant bacteria gained a broader host range. Mol Microbiol 2019;111(6):1463-1475.

(5) Pal RR, Baidya AK, Mamou G, Bhattacharya S, Socol Y, Kobi S, et al. Pathogenic E. coli Extracts Nutrients from Infected Host Cells Utilizing Injectisome Components. Cell 2019;177(3):683-696.e18.

(6) Bhattacharya S, Baidya AK, Pal RR, Mamou G, Gatt YE, Margalit H, et al. A Ubiquitous Platform for Bacterial Nanotube Biogenesis. Cell Rep 2019;27(2):334-342.e10.

(7) Zhou B, Semanjski M, Orlovetskie N, Bhattacharya S, Alon S, Argaman L, et al. Arginine dephosphorylation propels spore germination in bacteria. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2019;116(28):14228-14237.

(8) Baidya AK, Bhattacharya S, Dubey GP, Mamou G, Ben-Yehuda S. Bacterial nanotubes: a conduit for intercellular molecular trade. Curr Opin Microbiol 2018;42:1-6.

(9) Stempler O, Baidya AK, Bhattacharya S, Malli Mohan GB, Tzipilevich E, Sinai L, et al. Interspecies nutrient extraction and toxin delivery between bacteria. Nat Commun 2017;8(1).

(10) Singer E, Silas YBH, Ben-Yehuda S, Pines O. Bacterial fumarase and L-malic acid are evolutionary ancient components of the DNA damage response. eLife 2017;6.

(11) Mamou G, Fiyaksel O, Sinai L, Ben-Yehuda S. Deficiency in lipoteichoic acid synthesis causes a failure in executing the colony developmental program in Bacillus subtilis. Front Microbiol 2017;8(OCT).

(12) Tzipilevich E, Habusha M, Ben-Yehuda S. Acquisition of Phage Sensitivity by Bacteria through Exchange of Phage Receptors. Cell 2017;168(1-2):186-199.e12.

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(15) Sinai L, Ben-Yehuda S. Commentary: Changes in Bacillus spore small molecules, rRNA, germination, and outgrowth after extended sublethal exposure to various temperatures: Evidence that protein synthesis is not essential for spore germination. Front Microbiol 2016;7(DEC).

(16) Rosenberg A, Soufi B, Ravikumar V, Soares NC, Krug K, Smith Y, et al. Phosphoproteome dynamics mediate revival of bacterial spores. BMC Biol 2015;13(1).

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(21) Garti-levi S, Eswara A, Smith Y, Fujita M, Ben-Yehuda S. Novel modulators controlling entry into sporulation in Bacillus subtilis. J Bacteriol 2013;195(7):1475-1483.

(22) Wexselblatt E, Oppenheimer-Shaanan Y, Kaspy I, London N, Schueler-Furman O, Yavin E, et al. Relacin, a Novel Antibacterial Agent Targeting the Stringent Response. PLoS Pathog 2012;8(9).

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