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The Faculty of Medicine - Microbiology and Molecular Genetics: Dzikowski Ron


 Last updated June 2021 - School of Pharmacy

List of Publications

(1) Goyal M, Heinberg A, Mitesser V, Kandelis-Shalev S, Singh BK, Dzikowski R. Phosphorylation of the Canonical Histone H2A Marks Foci of Damaged DNA in Malaria Parasites. mSphere 2021;6(1).

(2) Belay C, Steinman NY, Campos LM, Dzikowski R, Golenser J, Domb AJ. Asymmetric trisalkylamine cyclopropenium derivatives with antimicrobial activity. Bioorg Chem 2020;102.

(3) Golenser J, Salaymeh N, Higazi AA, Alyan M, Daif M, Dzikowski R, et al. Treatment of Experimental Cerebral Malaria by Slow Release of Artemisone From Injectable Pasty Formulation. Front Pharmacol 2020;11.

(4) Masch A, Nasereddin A, Alder A, Bird MJ, Schweda SI, Preu L, et al. Structure-activity relationships in a series of antiplasmodial thieno[2,3-b]pyridines. Malar J 2019;18(1).

(5) Fastman Y, Assaraf S, Rose M, Milrot E, Basore K, Arasu BS, et al. An upstream open reading frame (uORF) signals for cellular localization of the virulence factor implicated in pregnancy associated malaria. Nucleic Acids Res 2018;46(10):4919-4932.

(6) Deitsch KW, Dzikowski R. Variant Gene Expression and Antigenic Variation by Malaria Parasites. Annu Rev Microbiol 2017;71:625-641.

(7) Weidner T, Lucantoni L, Nasereddin A, Preu L, Jones PG, Dzikowski R, et al. Antiplasmodial dihetarylthioethers target the coenzyme A synthesis pathway in Plasmodium falciparum erythrocytic stages. Malar J 2017;16(1).

(8) Golenser J, Buchholz V, Bagheri A, Nasereddin A, Dzikowski R, Guo J, et al. Controlled release of artemisone for the treatment of experimental cerebral malaria. Parasites Vectors 2017;10(1).

(9) Pehrson C, Mathiesen L, Heno KK, Salanti A, Resende M, Dzikowski R, et al. Adhesion of Plasmodium falciparum infected erythrocytes in ex vivo perfused placental tissue: A novel model of placental malaria. Malar J 2016;15(1).

(10) Weidner T, Nasereddin A, Preu L, Grünefeld J, Dzikowski R, Kunick C. Novel 2-phenoxyanilide congeners derived from a hit structure of the TCAMS: Synthesis and evaluation of their in vitro activity against plasmodium falciparum. Molecules 2016;21(2).

(11) Merrick CJ, Jiang RHY, Skillman KM, Samarakoon U, Moore RM, Dzikowski R, et al. Functional analysis of sirtuin genes in multiple Plasmodium falciparum strains. PLoS ONE 2015;10(3).

(12) Amit-Avraham I, Pozner G, Eshar S, Fastman Y, Kolevzon N, Yavin E, et al. Antisense long noncoding RNAs regulate var gene activation in the malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2015;112(9):E982-E991.

(13) Jeppesen A, Ditlev SB, Soroka V, Stevenson L, Turner L, Dzikowski R, et al. Multiple plasmodium falciparum erythrocyte membrane protein 1 variants per genome can Bind IgM via Its Fc fragment Fcμ. Infect Immun 2015;83(10):3972-3981.

(14) Eshar S, Altenhofen L, Rabner A, Ross P, Fastman Y, Mandel-Gutfreund Y, et al. PfSR1 controls alternative splicing and steady-state RNA levels in Plasmodium falciparum through preferential recognition of specific RNA motifs. Mol Microbiol 2015;96(6):1283-1297.

(15) Kolevzon N, Nasereddin A, Naik S, Yavin E, Dzikowski R. Use of peptide nucleic acids to manipulate gene expression in the malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum. PLoS ONE 2014;9(1).

(16) Ukaegbu UE, Kishore SP, Kwiatkowski DL, Pandarinath C, Dahan-Pasternak N, Dzikowski R, et al. Recruitment of PfSET2 by RNA Polymerase II to Variant Antigen Encoding Loci Contributes to Antigenic Variation in P. falciparum. PLoS Pathog 2014;10(1).

(17) Dahan-Pasternak N, Nasereddin A, Kolevzon N, Pe'er M, Wong W, Shinder V, et al. Pfsec13 is an unusual chromatin-associated nucleoporin of plasmodium falciparum that is essential for parasite proliferation in human erythrocytes. J Cell Sci 2013;126(14):3055-3069.

(18) Vitlin Gruber A, Nisemblat S, Zizelski G, Parnas A, Dzikowski R, Azem A, et al. P. falciparum cpn20 Is a Bona Fide Co-Chaperonin That Can Replace GroES in E. coli. PLoS ONE 2013;8(1).

(19) Fugel W, Oberholzer AE, Gschloessl B, Dzikowski R, Pressburger N, Preu L, et al. 3,6-Diamino-4-(2-halophenyl)-2-benzoylthieno[2,3- b ]pyridine-5- carbonitriles are selective inhibitors of plasmodium falciparum glycogen synthase kinase-3. J Med Chem 2013;56(1):264-275.

(20) Avraham I, Schreier J, Dzikowski R. Insulator-like pairing elements regulate silencing and mutually exclusive expression in the malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2012;109(52):E3678-E3686.

(21) Eshar S, Allemand E, Sebag A, Glaser F, Muchardt C, Mandel-Gutfreund Y, et al. A novel Plasmodium falciparum SR protein is an alternative splicing factor required for the parasites' proliferation in human erythrocytes. Nucleic Acids Res 2012;40(19):9903-9916.

(22) Kapishnikov S, Weiner A, Shimoni E, Guttmann P, Schneider G, Dahan-Pasternak N, et al. Oriented nucleation of hemozoin at the digestive vacuole membrane in Plasmodium falciparum. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2012;109(28):11188-11193.

(23) Fastman Y, Noble R, Recker M, Dzikowski R. Erasing the epigenetic memory and beginning to switch-the onset of antigenic switching of var genes in plasmodium falciparum. PLoS ONE 2012;7(3).

(24) Eshar S, Dahan-Pasternak N, Weiner A, Dzikowski R. High resolution 3D perspective of Plasmodium biology: Advancing into a new era. Trends Parasitol 2011;27(12):548-554.

(25) Enderes C, Kombila D, Dal-Bianco M, Dzikowski R, Kremsner P, Frank M. Var gene promoter activation in clonal plasmodium falciparum isolates follows a hierarchy and suggests a conserved switching program that is independent of genetic background. J Infect Dis 2011;204(10):1620-1631.

(26) Weiner A, Dahan-Pasternak N, Shimoni E, Shinder V, von Huth P, Elbaum M, et al. 3D nuclear architecture reveals coupled cell cycle dynamics of chromatin and nuclear pores in the malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum. Cell Microbiol 2011;13(7):967-977.

(27) Merrick CJ, Dzikowski R, Imamura H, Chuang J, Deitsch K, Duraisingh MT. The effect of Plasmodium falciparum Sir2a histone deacetylase on clonal and longitudinal variation in expression of the var family of virulence genes. Int J Parasitol 2010;40(1):35-43.

(28) Pasternak ND, Dzikowski R. PfEMP1: An antigen that plays a key role in the pathogenicity and immune evasion of the malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum. Int J Biochem Cell Biol 2009;41(7):1463-1466.

(29) Dzikowski R, Deitsch KW. Genetics of antigenic variation in Plasmodium falciparum. Curr Genet 2009;55(2):103-110.

(30) Dzikowski R, Deitsch KW. Active Transcription is Required for Maintenance of Epigenetic Memory in the Malaria Parasite Plasmodium falciparum. J Mol Biol 2008;382(2):288-297.

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(38) Dzikowski R, Frank M, Deitsch K. Mutually exclusive expression of virulence genes by malaria parasites is regulated independently of antigen production. PLoS Pathog 2006;2(3):0184-0194.

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(43) Dzikowski R, Levy MG, Poore MF, Flowers JR, Paperna I. Genetic and morphologic differentiation of Bolbophorus confusus and B. levantinus (Digenea: Diplostomatidae), based on rDNA SSU polymorphism and SEM. Dis Aquatic Org 2003;57(3):231-235.

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