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The Faculty of Medicine - Microbiology and Molecular Genetics: Florentin Anat


 Last updated June 2021 - School of Pharmacy

List of Publications

(1) Florentin A. mSphere of Influence: Courage and Resilience in Life and Science. mSphere 2021;6(2):1-4.

(2) Zimbres FM, Valenciano AL, Merino EF, Florentin A, Holderman NR, He G, et al. Metabolomics profiling reveals new aspects of dolichol biosynthesis in Plasmodium falciparum. Sci Rep 2020;10(1).

(3) Florentin A, Cobb DW, Kudyba HM, Muralidharan V. Directing traffic: Chaperone-mediated protein transport in malaria parasites. Cell Microbiol 2020;22(7).

(4) Florentin A, Stephens DR, Brooks CF, Baptista RP, Muralidharan V. Plastid biogenesis in malaria parasites requires the interactions and catalytic activity of the Clp proteolytic system. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2020;117(24):13719-13729.

(5) Kudyba HM, Cobb DW, Fierro MA, Florentin A, Ljolje D, Singh B, et al. The endoplasmic reticulum chaperone PfGRP170 is essential for asexual development and is linked to stress response in malaria parasites. Cell Microbiol 2019;21(9).

(6) Gorelick-Ashkenazi A, Weiss R, Sapozhnikov L, Florentin A, Tarayrah-Ibraheim L, Dweik D, et al. Caspases maintain tissue integrity by an apoptosis-independent inhibition of cell migration and invasion. Nat Commun 2018;9(1).

(7) Kudyba HM, Cobb DW, Florentin A, Krakowiak M, Muralidharan V. CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing to make conditional mutants of human malaria parasite p. Falciparum. J Visualized Exp 2018;2018(139).

(8) Florentin A, Cobb DW, Fishburn JD, Cipriano MJ, Kim PS, Fierro MA, et al. PfClpC Is an Essential Clp Chaperone Required for Plastid Integrity and Clp Protease Stability in Plasmodium falciparum. Cell Rep 2017;21(7):1746-1756.

(9) Cobb DW, Florentin A, Fierro MA, Krakowiak M, Moore JM, Muralidharan V. The exported chaperone PfHsp70x is dispensable for the Plasmodium falciparum intraerythrocytic life cycle. mSphere 2017;2(5).

(10) Florentin A, Arama E. Caspase levels and execution efficiencies determine the apoptotic potential of the cell. J Cell Biol 2012;196(4):513-527.

(11) Anbar M, Bracha R, Nuchamowitz Y, Li Y, Florentin A, Mirelman D. Involvement of a short interspersed element in epigenetic transcriptional silencing of the amoebapore gene in Entamoeba histolytica. Eukaryotic Cell 2005;4(11):1775-1784.

(12) Peer D, Florentin A, Margalit R. Hyaluronan is a key component in cryoprotection and formulation of targeted unilamellar liposomes. Biochim Biophys Acta Biomembr 2003;1612(1):76-82.