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The Faculty of Medicine - Microbiology and Molecular Genetics: Rokem Stefan


 Last updated June 2021 - School of Pharmacy

List of Publications

(1) Rokem JS. TCA Cycle Organic Acids Produced by Filamentous Fungi: The Building Blocks of the Future. Gd Chall Biol Biotechnol 2020:439-476.

(2) Backer R, Rokem JS, Ilangumaran G, Lamont J, Praslickova D, Ricci E, et al. Plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria: Context, mechanisms of action, and roadmap to commercialization of biostimulants for sustainable agriculture. Front Plant Sci 2018;871.

(3) Letnik I, Avrahami R, Port R, Greiner A, Zussman E, Rokem JS, et al. Biosorption of copper from aqueous environments by Micrococcus luteus in cell suspension and when encapsulated. Int Biodeterior Biodegrad 2017;116:64-72.

(4) Letnik I, Avrahami R, Rokem JS, Greiner A, Zussman E, Greenblatt C. Living Composites of Electrospun Yeast Cells for Bioremediation and Ethanol Production. Biomacromolecules 2015;16(10):3322-3328.

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