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The Faculty of Medicine - Medical Neurobiology: Ben-Shaul Yoram


Last updated December 2021 - Medical Neurobiology

List of Publications

(1) Bansal R, Nagel M, Stopkova R, Sofer Y, Kimchi T, Stopka P, et al. Do all mice smell the same? Chemosensory cues from inbred and wild mouse strains elicit stereotypic sensory representations in the accessory olfactory bulb. BMC Biol 2021;19(1):133.

(2) Moshitzky G, Shoham S, Madrer N, Husain AM, Greenberg DS, Yirmiya R, et al. Cholinergic stress signals accompany microrna-associated stereotypic behavior and glutamatergic neuromodulation in the prefrontal cortex. Biomolecules 2020;10(6).

(3) Tsitoura C, Malinowski ST, Mohrhardt J, Degen R, DiBenedictis BT, Gao Y, et al. Synchronous infra-slow oscillations organize ensembles of accessory olfactory bulb projection neurons into distinct microcircuits. J Neurosci 2020;40(21):4203-4218.

(4) Marom K, Horesh N, Abu-Snieneh A, Dafni A, Paul R, Fleck D, et al. The Vomeronasal System Can Learn Novel Stimulus Response Pairings. Cell Rep 2019;27(3):676-684.e6.

(5) Mohrhardt J, Nagel M, Fleck D, Ben-Shaul Y, Spehr M. Signal detection and coding in the accessory olfactory system. Chem Senses 2018;43(9):667-695.

(6) Yoles-Frenkel M, Kahan A, Ben-Shaul Y. Temporal response properties of accessory olfactory bulb neurons: Limitations and opportunities for decoding. J Neurosci 2018;38(21):4957-4976.

(7) Yoles-Frenkel M, Cohen O, Bansal R, Horesh N, Ben-Shaul Y. In vivo stimulus presentation to the mouse vomeronasal system: Surgery, experiment, setup, and software. J Neurosci Methods 2017;285:19-32.

(8) Ben-Shaul Y. OptiMouse: A comprehensive open source program for reliable detection and analysis of mouse body and nose positions. BMC Biol 2017;15(1).

(9) Ben-Shaul Y. Labeled as Innate, but Not Innately Labeled. Neuron 2017;93(5):992-994.

(10) Gorin M, Tsitoura C, Kahan A, Watznauer K, Drose DR, Arts M, et al. Interdependent conductances drive infraslow intrinsic rhythmogenesis in a subset of accessory olfactory bulb projection neurons. J Neurosci 2016;36(11):3127-3144.

(11) Kahan A, Ben-Shaul Y. Extracting Behaviorally Relevant Traits from Natural Stimuli: Benefits of Combinatorial Representations at the Accessory Olfactory Bulb. PLoS Comput Biol 2016;12(3).

(12) Zylbertal A, Kahan A, Ben-Shaul Y, Yarom Y, Wagner S. Prolonged Intracellular Na+ Dynamics Govern Electrical Activity in Accessory Olfactory Bulb Mitral Cells. PloS Biol 2015;13(12).

(13) Ben-Shaul Y. Extracting social information from chemosensory cues: Consideration of several scenarios and their functional implications. Front Neurosci 2015;9(NOV).

(14) Cichy A, Ackels T, Tsitoura C, Kahan A, Gronloh N, Sochtig M, et al. Extracellular pH regulates excitability of vomeronasal sensory neurons. J Neurosci 2015;35(9):4025-4039.

(15) Bergan JF, Ben-Shaul Y, Dulac C. Sex-specific processing of social cues in the medial amygdala. eLife 2014;2014(3).

(16) Soreq L, Ben-Shaul Y, Israel Z, Bergman H, Soreq H. Meta-analysis of genetic and environmental Parkinson's disease models reveals a common role of mitochondrial protection pathways. Neurobiol Dis 2012;45(3):1018-1030.

(17) Benmoyal-Segal L, Soreq L, Ben-Shaul Y, Ben-Ari S, Ben-Moshe T, Aviel S, et al. Adaptive alternative splicing correlates with less environmental risk of parkinsonism. Neurodegenerative Dis 2012;9(2):87-98.

(18) Ben-Shaul Y, Katz LC, Mooney R, Dulac C. In vivo vomeronasal stimulation reveals sensory encoding of conspecific and allospecific cues by the mouse accessory olfactory bulb. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2010;107(11):5172-5177.

(19) Polyakov F, Drori R, Ben-Shaul Y, Abeles M, Flash T. A compact representation of drawing movements with sequences of parabolic primitives. PLoS Comput Biol 2009;5(7).

(20) Stark E, Drori R, Asher I, Ben-Shaul Y, Abeles M. Distinct movement parameters are represented by different neurons in the motor cortex. Eur J Neurosci 2007;26(4):1055-1066.

(21) Perry C, Pick M, Podoly E, Gilboa-Geffen A, Zimmerman G, Sklan EH, et al. Acetylcholinesterase/C terminal binding protein interactions modify Ikaros functions, causing T lymphopenia. Leukemia 2007;21(7):1472-1480.

(22) Meshorer E, Biton IE, Ben-Shaul Y, Ben-Ari S, Assaf Y, Soreq H, et al. Chronic cholinergic imbalances promote brain diffusion and transport abnormalities [2]. FASEB J 2006;20(13):2425.

(23) Shmiel T, Drori R, Shmiel O, Ben-Shaul Y, Nadasdy Z, Shemesh M, et al. Temporally precise cortical firing patterns are associated with distinct action segments. J Neurophysiol 2006;96(5):2645-2652.

(24) Ben-Shaul Y, BenMoyal-Segal L, Ben-Ari S, Bergman H, Soreq H. Adaptive acetylcholinesterase splicing patterns attenuate 1-methyl-4-phenyl-1,2,3,6-tetrahydropyridine-induced Parkinsonism in mice. Eur J Neurosci 2006;23(11):2915-2922.

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(28) Ben-Shaul Y, Bergman H, Soreq H. Identifying subtle interrelated changes in functional gene categories using continuous measures of gene expression. Bioinformatics 2005;21(7):1129-1137.

(29) Quiroga RQ, Nadasdy Z, Ben-Shaul Y. Unsupervised spike detection and sorting with wavelets and superparamagnetic clustering. Neural Comp 2004;16(8):1661-1687.

(30) Ben-Shaul Y, Drori R, Asher I, Stark E, Nadasdy Z, Abeles M. Neuronal Activity in Motor Cortical Areas Reflects the Sequential Context of Movement. J Neurophysiol 2004;91(4):1748-1762.

(31) Ben-Shaul Y, Stark E, Asher I, Drori R, Nadasdy Z, Abeles M. Dynamical organization of directional tuning in the primate premotor and primary motor cortex. J Neurophysiol 2003;89(2):1136-1142.

(32) Ben-Shaul Y, Bergman H, Ritov Y, Abeles M. Trial to trial variability in either stimulus or action causes apparent correlation and synchrony in neuronal activity. J Neurosci Methods 2001;111(2):99-110.