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The Faculty of Medicine - Medical Neurobiology: Rokni Dan


Last updated February 2023 - Medical Neurobiology

List of Publications

(1) Lebovich L, Yunerman M, Scaiewicz V, Loewenstein Y, Rokni D. Paradoxical relationship between speed and accuracy in olfactory figure-background segregation. PLoS Comput Biol 2021;17(12).

(2) Penker S, Licht T, Hofer KT, Rokni D. Mixture Coding and Segmentation in the Anterior Piriform Cortex. Front Syst Neurosci 2020;14.

(3) Murthy VN, Rokni D. Processing of Odor Mixtures in the Mammalian Olfactory System. J Indian Inst Sci 2017;97(4):415-421.

(4) Mathis A, Rokni D, Kapoor V, Bethge M, Murthy VN. Reading Out Olfactory Receptors: Feedforward Circuits Detect Odors in Mixtures without Demixing. Neuron 2016;91(5):1110-1123.

(5) Rokni D, Murthy VN. Analysis and synthesis in olfaction. ACS Chem Neurosci 2014;5(10):870-872.

(6) Rokni D, Hemmelder V, Kapoor V, Murthy VN. An olfactory cocktail party: Figure-ground segregation of odorants in rodents. Nat Neurosci 2014;17(9):1225-1232.

(7) Markopoulos F, Rokni D, Gire DH, Murthy VN. Functional Properties of Cortical Feedback Projections to the Olfactory Bulb. Neuron 2012;76(6):1175-1188.

(8) Rokni D, Tal Z, Byk H, Yarom Y. Regularity, variability and bi-stability in the activity of cerebellar Purkinje cells. Front Cell Neurosci 2009;3(NOV).

(9) Rokni D, Yarom Y. State-dependence of climbing fiber-driven calcium transients in Purkinje cells. Neuroscience 2009;162(3):694-701.

(10) Rokni D, Llinas R, Yarom Y. The Morpho/Functional Discrepancy in the Cerebellar Cortex: Looks Alone are Deceptive. Front Neurosci 2008;2(2):192-198.

(11) Jacobson GA, Rokni D, Yarom Y. A model of the olivo-cerebellar system as a temporal pattern generator. Trends Neurosci 2008;31(12):617-625.

(12) Rokni D, Llinas R, Yarom Y. Stars and stripes in the cerebellar cortex: A voltage sensitive dye study. Front Syst Neurosci 2007;1(DEC).

(13) Derchansky M, Rokni D, Rick JT, Wennberg R, Bardakjian BL, Zhang L, et al. Bidirectional multisite seizure propagation in the intact isolated hippocampus: The multifocality of the seizure "focus". Neurobiol Dis 2006;23(2):312-328.

(14) Rokni D, Hochner B. Ionic currents underlying fast action potentials in the obliquely striated muscle cells of the octopus arm. J Neurophysiol 2002;88(6):3386-3397.