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Hadassah Medical Center: Gabizon Ruth

Last updated December 2021 - Hadassah Medical Center

List of Publications

(1) Binyamin O, Frid K, Keller G, Saada A, Gabizon R. Comparing anti–aging hallmark activities of Metformin and Nano-PSO in a mouse model of genetic Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease. Neurobiol Aging 2022;110:77-87.

(2) Binyamin O, Nitzan K, Frid K, Ungar Y, Rosenmann H, Gabizon R. Author Correction: Brain targeting of 9c,11t-Conjugated Linoleic Acid, a natural calpain inhibitor, preserves memory and reduces Aβ and P25 accumulation in 5XFAD mice (Scientific Reports, (2019), 9, 1, (18437), 10.1038/s41598-019-54971-9). Sci Rep 2020;10(1).

(3) Frid K, Binyamin O, Usman A, Gabizon R. Delay of gCJD aggravation in sick TgMHu2ME199K mice by combining NPC transplantation and Nano-PSO administration. Neurobiol Aging 2020;95:231-239.

(4) Friedman-Levi Y, Binyamin O, Frid K, Ovadia H, Gabizon R. Erratum: Genetic prion disease: No role for the immune system in disease pathogenesis? (Human Molecular Genetics (2014) 23:15 (4134-4141) DOI: 10.1093/hmg/ddu134). Hum Mol Genet 2020;29(6):1055.

(5) Binyamin O, Nitzan K, Frid K, Ungar Y, Rosenmann H, Gabizon R. Brain targeting of 9c,11t-Conjugated Linoleic Acid, a natural calpain inhibitor, preserves memory and reduces Aβ and P25 accumulation in 5XFAD mice. Sci Rep 2019;9(1).

(6) Keller G, Binyamin O, Frid K, Saada A, Gabizon R. Mitochondrial dysfunction in preclinical genetic prion disease: A target for preventive treatment? Neurobiol Dis 2019;124:57-66.

(7) Frid K, Binyamin O, Fainstein N, Keller G, Ben-Hur T, Gabizon R. Autologous neural progenitor cell transplantation into newborn mice modeling for E200K genetic prion disease delays disease progression. Neurobiol Aging 2018;65:192-200.

(8) Lasmézas C, Gabizon R. Identifying therapeutic targets and treatments in model systems. Handb Clin Neurol 2018;153:409-418.

(9) Binyamin O, Keller G, Frid K, Larush L, Magdassi S, Gabizon R. Continues administration of Nano-PSO significantly increased survival of genetic CJD mice. Neurobiol Dis 2017;108:140-147.

(10) Canello T, Frid K, Gabizon R, Lisa S, Friedler A, Moskovitz J, et al. Erratum: Correction: Oxidation of Helix-3 Methionines Precedes the Formation of PK Resistant PrPSc (PLoS pathogens (2010) 6 7 (e1000977)). PLoS Pathog 2017;13(5):e1006293.

(11) Friedman-Levi Y, Meiner Z, Canello T, Frid K, Kovacs GG, Budka H, et al. Erratum: Correction: Fatal Prion Disease in a Mouse Model of Genetic E200K Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (PLoS pathogens (2011) 7 11 (e1002350)). PLoS Pathog 2017;13(5):e1006294.

(12) Fainstein N, Dori D, Frid K, Fritz AT, Shapiro I, Gabizon R, et al. Chronic progressive neurodegeneration in a transgenic mouse model of prion disease. Front Neurosci 2016;10(NOV).

(13) Binyamin O, Larush L, Frid K, Keller G, Friedman-Levi Y, Ovadia H, et al. Treatment of a multiple sclerosis animal model by a novel nanodrop formulation of a natural antioxidant. Int J Nanomed 2015;10:7165-7174.

(14) Friedman-Levi Y, Mizrahi M, Frid K, Binyamin O, Gabizon R. Erratum: PrPST, a soluble, protease resistant and truncated PrP form features in the pathogenesis of a genetic prion disease (PLoS ONE (2013) 8:7 (e69583) DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0069583). PLoS ONE 2015;10(7).

(15) Frid K, Einstein O, Friedman-Levi Y, Binyamin O, Ben-Hur T, Gabizon R. Aggregation of MBP in chronic demyelination. Ann Clin Transl Neurol 2015;2(7):711-721.

(16) Mizrahi M, Friedman-Levi Y, Larush L, Frid K, Binyamin O, Dori D, et al. Pomegranate seed oil nanoemulsions for the prevention and treatment of neurodegenerative diseases: The case of genetic CJD. Nanomed Nanotechnol Biol Med 2014;10(6):1353-1363.

(17) Friedman-Levi Y, Binyamin O, Frid K, Ovadia H, Gabizon R. Genetic prion disease: No role for the immune system in disease pathogenesis? Hum Mol Genet 2014;23(15):4134-4141.

(18) Friedman-Levi Y, Mizrahi M, Frid K, Binyamin O, Gabizon R. PrPST, a Soluble, Protease Resistant and Truncated PrP Form Features in the Pathogenesis of a Genetic Prion Disease. PLoS ONE 2013;8(7).

(19) Cohen E, Avrahami D, Frid K, Canello T, Levy Lahad E, Zeligson S, et al. Snord 3A: A Molecular Marker and Modulator of Prion Disease Progression. PLoS ONE 2013;8(1).

(20) Tzour A, Sosial E, Meir T, Canello T, Naveh-Many T, Gabizon R, et al. Multiple Pathways for High Voltage-Activated Ca2+ Influx in Anterior Pituitary Lactotrophs and Somatotrophs. J Neuroendocrinol 2013;25(1):76-86.

(21) Friedman-Levi Y, Hoftberger R, Budka H, Mayer-Sonnenfeld T, Abramsky O, Ovadia H, et al. Targeting of prion-infected lymphoid cells to the central nervous system accelerates prion infection. J Neuroinflamm 2012;9.

(22) Canello T, Friedman-Levi Y, Mizrahi M, Binyamin O, Cohen E, Frid K, et al. Copper is toxic to PrP-ablated mice and exacerbates disease in a mouse model of E200K genetic prion disease. Neurobiol Dis 2012;45(3):1010-1017.

(23) Avrahami D, Gabizon R. Age-related alterations affect the susceptibility of mice to prion infection. Neurobiol Aging 2011;32(11):2006-2015.

(24) Meiner Z, Kahana E, Baitcher F, Korczyn AD, Chapman J, Cohen OS, et al. Tau and 14-3-3 of genetic and sporadic Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease patients in Israel. J Neurol 2011;258(2):255-262.

(25) Friedman-Levi Y, Meiner Z, Canello T, Frid K, Kovacs GG, Budka H, et al. Fatal prion disease in a mouse model of genetic E200K Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease. PLoS Pathog 2011;7(11).

(26) Lisa S, Meli M, Cabello G, Gabizon R, Colombo G, Gasset M. The structural intolerance of the PrP α-fold for polar substitution of the helix-3 methionines. Cell Mol Life Sci 2010;67(16):2825-2838.

(27) Canello T, Frid K, Gabizon R, Lisa S, Friedler A, Moskovitz J, et al. Oxidation of Helix-3 methionines precedes the formation of PK resistant PrPSc. PLoS Pathog 2010;6(7):1-10.

(28) Oien DB, Canello T, Gabizon R, Gasset M, Lundquist BL, Burns JM, et al. Detection of oxidized methionine in selected proteins, cellular extracts and blood serums by novel anti-methionine sulfoxide antibodies. Arch Biochem Biophys 2009;485(1):35-40.

(29) Colombo G, Meli M, Morra G, Gabizon R, Gasset M. Methionine sulfoxides on prion protein helix-3 switch on the α-fold destabilization required for conversion. PLoS ONE 2009;4(1).

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