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The Faculty of Medicine - Developmental Biology and Cancer Research: Elkouby Yaniv


 Last updated June 2021 - School of Pharmacy

List of Publications

(1) Mytlis A, Elkouby YM. Live and Time-Lapse Imaging of Early Oogenesis and Meiotic Chromosomal Dynamics in Cultured Juvenile Zebrafish Ovaries. Methods Mol Biol 2021;2218:137-155.

(2) Polevoy H, Gutkovich YE, Michaelov A, Volovik Y, Elkouby YM, Frank D. New roles for Wnt and BMP signaling in neural anteroposterior patterning. EMBO Rep 2019;20(6).

(3) Elkouby YM, Mullins MC. Coordination of cellular differentiation, polarity, mitosis and meiosis – New findings from early vertebrate oogenesis. Dev Biol 2017;430(2):275-287.

(4) Elkouby YM, Mullins MC. Methods for the analysis of early oogenesis in Zebrafish. Dev Biol 2017;430(2):310-324.

(5) Elkouby YM. All in one – Integrating cell polarity, meiosis, mitosis and mechanical forces in early oocyte differentiation in vertebrates. Int J Dev Biol 2017;61(3-5):179-193.

(6) Escobar-Aguirre M, Elkouby YM, Mullins MC. Localization in oogenesis of maternal regulators of embryonic development. Adv Exp Med Biol 2017;953:173-207.

(7) Elkouby YM, Jamieson-Lucy A, Mullins MC. Oocyte Polarization Is Coupled to the Chromosomal Bouquet, a Conserved Polarized Nuclear Configuration in Meiosis. PloS Biol 2016;14(1).

(8) Elkouby YM, Polevoy H, Gutkovich YE, Michaelov A, Frank D. A hindbrain-repressive Wnt3a/Meis3/Tsh1 circuit promotes neuronal differentiation and coordinates tissue maturation. Development (Cambridge) 2012;139(8):1487-1497.

(9) Fonar Y, Gutkovich YE, Root H, Malyarova A, Aamar E, Golubovskaya VM, et al. Focal adhesion kinase protein regulates Wnt3a gene expression to control cell fate specification in the developing neural plate. Mol Biol Cell 2011;22(13):2409-2421.

(10) Elkouby YM, Elias S, Casey ES, Blythe SA, Tsabar N, Klein PS, et al. Mesodermal Wnt signaling organizes the neural plate via Meis3. Development (Cambridge) 2010;137(9):1531-1541.

(11) Gutkovich YE, Ofir R, Elkouby YM, Dibner C, Gefen A, Elias S, et al. Xenopus Meis3 protein lies at a nexus downstream to Zic1 and Pax3 proteins, regulating multiple cell-fates during early nervous system development. Dev Biol 2010;338(1):50-62.