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The Faculty of Medicine - Developmental Biology and Cancer Research: Granot Zvika


 Last updated June 2021 - School of Pharmacy

List of Publications

(1) Parhi L, Alon-Maimon T, Sol A, Nejman D, Shhadeh A, Fainsod-Levi T, et al. Breast cancer colonization by Fusobacterium nucleatum accelerates tumor growth and metastatic progression. Nat Commun 2020;11(1).

(2) Razin T, Melamed-Book N, Argaman J, Galin I, Lowy Y, Anuka E, et al. Interleukin-1α dependent survival of cardiac fibroblasts is associated with StAR/STARD1 expression and improved cardiac remodeling and function after myocardial infarction. J Mol Cell Cardiol 2020.

(3) Sionov RV, Fainsod-Levi T, Zelter T, Polyansky L, Pham CT, Granot Z. Neutrophil Cathepsin G and Tumor Cell RAGE Facilitate Neutrophil Anti-Tumor Cytotoxicity. OncoImmunology 2019;8(9).

(4) Hsu BE, Tabariès S, Johnson RM, Andrzejewski S, Senecal J, Lehuédé C, et al. Immature Low-Density Neutrophils Exhibit Metabolic Flexibility that Facilitates Breast Cancer Liver Metastasis. Cell Rep 2019;27(13):3902-3915.e6.

(5) Ben-David-Naim M, Dagan A, Grad E, Aizik G, Nordling-David MM, Clyne AM, et al. Targeted siRNA nanoparticles for mammary carcinoma therapy. Cancers 2019;11(4).

(6) Gershkovitz M, Fainsod-Levi T, Zelter T, Sionov RV, Granot Z. TRPM2 modulates neutrophil attraction to murine tumor cells by regulating CXCL2 expression. Cancer Immunol Immunother 2019;68(1):33-43.

(7) Granot Z. Neutrophils as a Therapeutic Target in Cancer. Front Immunol 2019;10:1710.

(8) Gershkovitz M, Fainsod-Levi T, Khawaled S, Shaul ME, Sionov RV, Cohen-Daniel L, et al. Microenvironmental cues determine tumor cell susceptibility to neutrophil cytotoxicity. Cancer Res 2018;78(17):5050-5059.

(9) Gershkovitz M, Caspi Y, Fainsod-Levi T, Katz B, Michaeli J, Khawaled S, et al. TRPM2 mediates neutrophil killing of disseminated tumor cells. Cancer Res 2018;78(10):2680-2690.

(10) Fainsod-Levi T, Gershkovitz M, Völs S, Kumar S, Khawaled S, Sagiv JY, et al. Hyperglycemia Impairs Neutrophil Mobilization Leading to Enhanced Metastatic Seeding. Cell Rep 2017;21(9):2384-2392.

(11) Michaeli J, Shaul ME, Mishalian I, Hovav A-, Levy L, Zolotriov L, et al. Tumor-associated neutrophils induce apoptosis of non-activated CD8 T-cells in a TNFα and NO-dependent mechanism, promoting a tumor-supportive environment. OncoImmunology 2017;6(11).

(12) Ben David-Naim M, Grad E, Aizik G, Nordling-David MM, Moshel O, Granot Z, et al. Polymeric nanoparticles of siRNA prepared by a double-emulsion solvent-diffusion technique: Physicochemical properties, toxicity, biodistribution and efficacy in a mammary carcinoma mice model. Biomaterials 2017;145:154-167.

(13) Jablonska J, Granot Z. Neutrophil, quo vadis? J Leukocyte Biol 2017;102(3):685-688.

(14) Völs S, Sionov RV, Granot Z. Always look on the bright side: Anti-tumor functions of neutrophils. Curr Pharm Des 2017;23(32):4862-4892.

(15) Isaacson B, Hadad T, Glasner A, Gur C, Granot Z, Bachrach G, et al. Stromal Cell-Derived Factor 1 Mediates Immune Cell Attraction upon Urinary Tract Infection. Cell Rep 2017;20(1):40-47.

(16) Röhrig F, Vorlová S, Hoffmann H, Wartenberg M, Escorcia FE, Keller S, et al. VEGF-ablation therapy reduces drug delivery and therapeutic response in ECM-dense tumors. Oncogene 2017;36(1):1-12.

(17) Mishalian I, Granot Z, Fridlender ZG. The diversity of circulating neutrophils in cancer. Immunobiology 2017;222(1):82-88.

(18) Jablonska J, Lang S, Sionov RV, Granot Z. The regulation of pre-metastatic niche formation by neutrophils. Oncotarget 2017;8(67):112132-112144.

(19) Sagiv JY, Voels S, Granot Z. Isolation and characterization of low- vs. High-density neutrophils in cancer. Methods Mol Biol 2016;1458:179-193.

(20) Rahat MA, Coffelt SB, Granot Z, Muthana M, Amedei A. Macrophages and Neutrophils: Regulation of the Inflammatory Microenvironment in Autoimmunity and Cancer. Mediators Inflamm 2016;2016.

(21) Sionov RV, Fridlender ZG, Granot Z. The Multifaceted Roles Neutrophils Play in the Tumor Microenvironment. Cancer Microenvironment 2015;8(3):125-158.

(22) Granot Z, Fridlender ZG. Plasticity beyond cancer cells and the immunosuppressive switch. Cancer Res 2015;75(21):4441-4445.

(23) Swisa A, Granot Z, Tamarina N, Sayers S, Bardeesy N, Philipson L, et al. Loss of liver kinase B1 (LKB1) in beta cells enhances glucose-stimulated insulin secretion despite profound mitochondrial defects. J Biol Chem 2015;290(34):20934-20946.

(24) Michaeli TF, Laufer N, Sagiv JY, Dreazen A, Granot Z, Pikarsky E, et al. The rejuvenating effect of pregnancy on muscle regeneration. Aging Cell 2015;14(4):698-700.

(25) Sionov RV, Assi S, Gershkovitz M, Sagiv JY, Polyansky L, Mishalian I, et al. Isolation and characterization of neutrophils with anti-tumor properties. J Visualized Exp 2015;2015(100).

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(28) Granot Z, Jablonska J. Distinct Functions of Neutrophil in Cancer and Its Regulation. Mediators Inflamm 2015;2015.

(29) Sionov RV, Vlahopoulos SA, Granot Z. Regulation of Bim in health and disease. Oncotarget 2015;6(27):23058-23134.

(30) Fridlender ZG, Albelda SM, Granot Z. Promoting metastasis: Neutrophils and T cells join forces. Cell Res 2015;25(7):765-766.

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(32) Mishalian I, Bayuh R, Eruslanov E, Michaeli J, Levy L, Zolotarov L, et al. Neutrophils recruit regulatory T-cells into tumors via secretion of CCL17 - A new mechanism of impaired antitumor immunity. Int J Cancer 2014;135(5):1178-1186.

(33) Tornovsky-Babeay S, Dadon D, Ziv O, Tzipilevich E, Kadosh T, Schyr-Ben Haroush R, et al. Type 2 diabetes and congenital hyperinsulinism cause DNA double-strand breaks and p53 activity in β cells. Cell Metab 2014;19(1):109-121.

(34) Gur C, Coppenhagen-Glazer S, Rosenberg S, Yamin R, Enk J, Glasner A, et al. Natural killer cell-mediated host defense against uropathogenic E. coli is counteracted by bacterial hemolysinA-dependent killing of NK cells. Cell Host and Microbe 2013;14(6):664-674.

(35) Barrett LE, Granot Z, Coker C, Iavarone A, Hambardzumyan D, Holland EC, et al. Self-renewal does not predict tumor growth potential in mouse models of high-grade glioma. Cancer Cell 2012;21(1):11-24.

(36) Dadon D, Tornovsky-Babaey S, Furth-Lavi J, Ben-Zvi D, Ziv O, Schyr-Ben-Haroush R, et al. Glucose metabolism: Key endogenous regulator of β-cell replication and survival. Diabetes Obes Metab 2012;14(SUPPL.3):101-108.

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(40) Gielchinsky Y, Laufer N, Weitman E, Abramovitch R, Granot Z, Bergman Y, et al. Pregnancy restores the regenerative capacity of the aged liver via activation of an mTORC1-controlled hyperplasia/hypertrophy switch. Genes Dev 2010;24(6):543-548.

(41) Granot Z, Swisa A, Magenheim J, Stolovich-Rain M, Fujimoto W, Manduchi E, et al. LKB1 Regulates Pancreatic β Cell Size, Polarity, and Function. Cell Metab 2009;10(4):296-308.

(42) Hezel AF, Gurumurthy S, Granot Z, Swisa A, Chu GC, Bailey G, et al. Pancreatic Lkb1 deletion leads to acinar polarity defects and cystic neoplasms. Mol Cell Biol 2008;28(7):2414-2425.

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(45) Arbely E, Granot Z, Kass I, Orly J, Arkin IT. A trimerizing GxxxG Motif is uniquely inserted in the severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) coronavirus spike protein transmembrane domain. Biochemistry 2006;45(38):11349-11356.

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