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The Faculty of Medicine - Developmental Biology and Cancer Research: Hellman Asaf


 Last updated June 2021 - School of Pharmacy

List of Publications

(1) Aran D, Lasry A, Zinger A, Biton M, Pikarsky E, Hellman A, et al. Widespread parainflammation in human cancer. Genome Biol 2016;17(1).

(2) Aran D, Abu-Remaileh M, Levy R, Meron N, Toperoff G, Edrei Y, et al. Embryonic Stem Cell (ES)-Specific Enhancers Specify the Expression Potential of ES Genes in Cancer. PLoS Genet 2016;12(2).

(3) Adi Harel S, Bossel Ben-Moshe N, Aylon Y, Bublik DR, Moskovits N, Toperoff G, et al. Reactivation of epigenetically silenced miR-512 and miR-373 sensitizes lung cancer cells to cisplatin and restricts tumor growth. Cell Death Differ 2015;22(8):1328-1340.

(4) Toperoff G, Kark JD, Aran D, Nassar H, Abu Ahmad W, Sinnreich R, et al. Premature aging of leukocyte dna methylation is associated with type 2 diabetes prevalence. Clin Epigenetics 2015;7(1):2-7.

(5) Aran D, Hellman A. Unmasking risk loci: DNA methylation illuminates the biology of cancer predisposition: Analyzing DNA methylation of transcriptional enhancers reveals missed regulatory links between cancer risk loci and genes. Bioessays 2014;36(2):184-190.

(6) Raddatz G, Hagemann S, Aran D, Söhle J, Kulkarni PP, Kaderali L, et al. Aging is associated with highly defined epigenetic changes in the human epidermis. Epigenetics Chromatin 2013;6(1).

(7) Aran D, Hellman A. XDNA methylation of transcriptional enhancers and cancer predisposition. Cell 2013;154(1):11.

(8) Aran D, Sabato S, Hellman A. DNA methylation of distal regulatory sites characterizes dysregulation of cancer genes. Genome Biol 2013;14(3).

(9) Toperoff G, Aran D, Kark JD, Rosenberg M, Dubnikov T, Nissan B, et al. Genome-wide survey reveals predisposing diabetes type 2-related DNA methylation variations in human peripheral blood. Hum Mol Genet 2012;21(2):371-383.

(10) Aran D, Toperoff G, Rosenberg M, Hellman A. Replication timing-related and gene body-specific methylation of active human genes. Hum Mol Genet 2011;20(4):670-680.

(11) Hellman A, Chess A. Extensive sequence-influenced DNA methylation polymorphism in the human genome. Epigenetics Chromatin 2010;3(1).

(12) Hellman A, Chess A. Gene body-specific methylation on the active X chromosome. Science 2007;315(5815):1141-1143.

(13) Laronne A, Rotkopf S, Hellman A, Gruenbaum Y, Porter ACG, Brandeist M. Synchronization of interphase events depends neither on mitosis nor on cdk1. Mol Biol Cell 2003;14(9):3730-3740.

(14) Hellman A, Chess A. Olfactory axons: A remarkable convergence. Curr Biol 2002;12(24):R849-R851.

(15) Hellman A, Zlotorynski E, Scherer SW, Cheung J, Vincent JB, Smith DI, et al. A role for common fragile site induction in amplification of human oncogenes. Cancer Cell 2002;1(1):89-97.

(16) Hellman A, Rahat A, Scherer SW, Darvasi A, Tsui L-, Kerem B. Replication delay along FRA7H, a common fragile site on human chromosome 7, leads to chromosomal instability. Mol Cell Biol 2000;20(12):4420-4427.