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The Faculty of Medicine - Biochemistry and Molecular Biology: Stern-Bach Yael


 Last updated December 2021 - Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 

List of Publications

(1) Bingor A, Haham T, Thornton C, Stern-Bach Y, Yaka R. Zeta Inhibitory Peptide attenuates learning and memory by inducing NO-mediated downregulation of AMPA receptors. Nat Commun 2020;11(1).

(2) Farrow P, Khodosevich K, Sapir Y, Schulmann A, Aslam M, Stern-Bach Y, et al. Erratum: Correction: Auxiliary subunits of the CKAMP family differentially modulate AMPA receptor properties (eLife (2015) 4 (e09693) PII: e42543). Elife 2018;7.

(3) Matt L, Kirk LM, Chenaux G, Speca DJ, Puhger KR, Pride MC, et al. SynDIG4/Prrt1 Is Required for Excitatory Synapse Development and Plasticity Underlying Cognitive Function. Cell Rep 2018;22(9):2246-2253.

(4) Ben-Yaacov A, Gillor M, Haham T, Parsai A, Qneibi M, Stern-Bach Y. Molecular Mechanism of AMPA Receptor Modulation by TARP/Stargazin. Neuron 2017;93(5):1126-1137.e4.

(5) Farrow P, Khodosevich K, Sapir Y, Schulmann A, Aslam M, Stern-Bach Y, et al. Auxiliary subunits of the CKAMP family differentially modulate AMPA receptor properties. eLife 2015;4(December2015).

(6) Yacobi A, Stern Bach Y, Horowitz M. The protective effect of heat acclimation from hypoxic damage in the brain involves changes in the expression of glutamate receptors. Temp 2014;1(1):57-65.

(7) Von Engelhardt J, Mack V, Sprengel R, Kavenstock N, Li KW, Stern-Bach Y, et al. CKAMP44: A brain-specific protein attenuating short-term synaptic plasticity in the dentate gyrus. Science 2010;327(5972):1518-1522.

(8) Priel A, Selak S, Lerma J, Stern-Bach Y. Block of Kainate Receptor Desensitization Uncovers a Key Trafficking Checkpoint. Neuron 2006;52(6):1037-1046.

(9) Osten P, Stern-Bach Y. Learning from stargazin: the mouse, the phenotype and the unexpected. Curr Opin Neurobiol 2006;16(3):275-280.

(10) Balannik V, Menniti FS, Paternain AV, Lerma J, Stern-Bach Y. Molecular mechanism of AMPA receptor noncompetitive antagonism. Neuron 2005;48(2):279-288.

(11) Ayalon G, Segev E, Elgavish S, Stern-Bach Y. Two regions in the N-terminal domain of ionotropic glutamate receptor 3 form the subunit oligomerization interfaces that control subtype-specific receptor assembly. J Biol Chem 2005;280(15):15053-15060.

(12) Priel A, Kolleker A, Ayalon G, Gillor M, Osten P, Stern-Bach Y. Stargazin reduces desensitization and slows deactivation of the AMPA-type glutamate receptors. J Neurosci 2005;25(10):2682-2686.

(13) Nanao MH, Green T, Stern-Bach Y, Heinemann SF, Choe S. Structure of the kainate receptor subunit GluR6 agonist-binding domain complexed with domoic acid. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2005;102(5):1708-1713.

(14) Stern-Bach Y. AMPA Receptor Activation: Not a Square Dance. Neuron 2004;41(3):309-311.

(15) Paternain AV, Cohen A, Stern-Bach Y, Lerma J. A role for extracellular Na+ in the channel gating of native and recombinant kainate receptors. J Neurosci 2003;23(25):8641-8648.

(16) Ayalon G, Stern-Bach Y. Functional assembly of AMPA and kainate receptors is mediated by several discrete protein-protein interactions. Neuron 2001;31(1):103-113.

(17) Rosenmund C, Stern-Bach Y, Stevens CF. The tetrameric structure of a glutamate receptor channel. Science 1998;280(5369):1596-1599.

(18) Minami K, Wick MJ, Stern-Bach Y, Dildy-Mayfield JE, Brozowski SJ, Gonzales EL, et al. Sites of volatile anesthetic action on kainate (glutamate receptor 6) receptors. J Biol Chem 1998;273(14):8248-8255.

(19) Stern-Bach Y, Russo S, Neuman M, Rosenmund C. A point mutation in the glutamate binding site blocks desensitization of AMPA receptors. Neuron 1998;21(4):907-918.

(20) Brose N, Huntley GW, Stern-Bach Y, Sharma G, Morrison JH, Heinemann SF. Differential assembly of coexpressed glutamate receptor subunits in neurons of rat cerebral cortex. J Biol Chem 1994;269(24):16780-16784.

(21) Howell M, Shirvan A, Stern-Bach Y, Steiner-Mordoch S, Strasser JE, Dean GE, et al. Cloning and functional expression of a tetrabenazine sensitive vesicular monoamine transporter from bovine chromaffin granules. FEBS Lett 1994;338(1):16-22.

(22) SCHULDINER S, SHIRVAN A, STERN‐BACH Y, STEINER‐MORDOCH S, YELIN R, LASKAR O. From Bacterial Antibiotic Resistance to Neurotransmitter Uptake: A Common Theme of Cell Survival. Ann New York Acad Sci 1994;733(1):174-184.

(23) Stern-Bach Y, Bettler B, Hartley M, Sheppard PO, O'Hara PJ, Heinemann SF. Agonist selectivity of glutamate receptors is specified by two domains structurally related to bacterial amino acid-binding proteins. Neuron 1994;13(6):1345-1357.

(24) Stern-Bach Y, Keen JN, Bejerano M, Steiner-Mordoch S, Wallach M, Findlay JBC, et al. Homology of a vesicular amine transporter to a gene conferring resistance to 1-methyl-4-phenylpyridinium. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 1992;89(20):9730-9733.

(25) Suchi R, Stern-Bach Y, Schuldiner S. Modification of Arginyl or Histidyl Groups Affects the Energy Coupling of the Amine Transporter. Biochemistry 1992;31(49):12500-12503.

(26) Suchi R, Stern-Bach Y, Gabay T, Schuldiner S. Covalent Modification of the Amine Transporter with N,N′-Dicyclohexylcarbodiimide. Biochemistry 1991;30(26):6490-6494.

(27) Rudnick G, Steiner-Mordoch SS, Fishkes H, Stern-Bach Y, Schuldiner S. Energetics of Reserpine Binding and Occlusion by the Chromaffin Granule Biogenic Amine Transporter. Biochemistry 1990;29(3):603-608.

(28) Stern-Bach Y, Greenberg-Ofrath N, Flechner I, Schuldiner S. Identification and purification of a functional amine transporter from bovine chromaffin granules. J Biol Chem 1990;265(7):3961-3966.