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Library conduct - Corona crisis: Hebrew University research guides

Library conduct and rules

Entering the HUJI Campus

    In accordance with the Corona Emergency Directives, it is strictly prohibited to enter the workplace with body temperature of 38 degrees Celsius and above, or with symptoms of the illness, such as cough and/or breathing difficulties.

    Every person who has been approved for entry to campus must complete and submit a personal declaration every day before entering the campus, and they must submit notification at the time that they leave the campus.

Library conduct and "Purple badge" prerequisites

    The library is open 9:00-17:00.

    Please sign in when entering the library.

    Mask and gloves should be worn during your entire stay in the library.

   Please use antiseptic wipes to clean your table before and after use.
Wipes are available at the entrance to the library.

    Use only the allowed work stations. Do not move any chairs or tables.

      Seating at the table is for one person only. Do not change locations in the library.

    Keep at least 2 meter distance between people (you can approach the librarian at the counter).

    Do not use the library computers. A personal laptop is allowed.

    Do not eat or drink in the library (except bottled water).

Library services

    A partition is placed at the library counter for our protection. The number of people at the counter is limited to 4.

    Books can be ordered from the library shelves at the library counter or by using an electronic form. 

Books returning from circulation will be isolated for three days in a separate place in the library before being returned to the shelves. Please do not return books to shelves.

    Reference services will continue to be provided by telephone and email. Tutorials can be available by Zoom.