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The Faculty of Medicine: Recent Publications

Recent Publications

Last updated February 2023 

List of Publications

1) Ginzburg A, Barasche-Berdah D, Manor O, Levine-Schnur R, Paltiel O, Levine H. Timing, extent and outcomes of public health measures in the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic in Israel and a comparative analysis by socioeconomic indices. Isr J Health Policy Res 2023;12(1).

(2) Raskin S, Gamliel D, Abookasis D, Ben-Haim S, Chicheportiche A. Towards accurate 177Lu SPECT activity quantification and standardization using lesion-to-background voxel ratio. EJNMMI Phys 2023;10(1).

(3) Yogev-Seligmann G, Josman N, Bitterman N, Rosenblum S, Naaman S, Gilboa Y. The development of a home-based technology to improve gait in people with Parkinson's disease: a feasibility study. Biomed Eng Online 2023;22(1).

(4) Beil M, van Heerden PV, de Lange DW, Szczeklik W, Leaver S, Guidet B, et al. Contribution of information about acute and geriatric characteristics to decisions about life-sustaining treatment for old patients in intensive care. BMC Med Informatics Decis Mak 2023;23(1).

(5) Sandouka S, Saadi A, Singh PK, Olowe R, Shekh-Ahmad T. Nrf2 is predominantly expressed in hippocampal neurons in a rat model of temporal lobe epilepsy. Cell Biosci 2023;13(1).

(6) Levite M. Neuro faces of beneficial T cells: Essential in brain, impaired in aging and neurological diseases, and activated functionally by neurotransmitters and neuropeptides. Neural Regen Res 2023;18(6):1165-1178.

(7) Kupietzky A, Dodi O, Dover R, Lourie NEE, Berrebi Y, Lev-Cohain N, et al. Existing Scores Fail to Predict Bowel Ischemia in Patients With Adhesive Small Bowel Obstruction. J Surg Res 2023;283:416-422.

(8) Amal H, Steinert JR. Editorial: Nitric oxide signaling from synapse to disease. Free Radic Biol Med 2023;196:9-10.

(9) Samuels JM, Carmichael H, McIntyre R, Urban S, Ballow S, Dirks RC, et al. An observation-first strategy for liver injuries with "blush" on computed tomography is safe and effective. J Trauma Acute Care Surg 2023;94(2):281-287.

(10) Bartlett RH, Carlet J, Cook D, Gattinoni L, Harvey M, Jacobi J, et al. The Impact of the Society of Critical Care Medicine's Flagship Journal: Critical Care Medicine: Reflections of Critical Care Pioneers. Crit Care Med 2023;51(2):164-181.

(11) Barkai O, Rayi PR, Butterman R, Katz B, Lev S, Binshtok AM. Encoding of inflammatory hyperalgesia in mouse spinal cord. Pain 2023;164(2):443-460.

(12) Bavli Y, Chen B-, Gross G, Hershko A, Turjeman K, Roffler S, et al. Anti-PEG antibodies before and after a first dose of Comirnaty® (mRNA-LNP-based SARS-CoV-2 vaccine). J Control Release 2023;354:316-322.

(13) Florentin S, Reuveni I, Rosca P, Zwi-Ran SR, Neumark Y. Schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorder? A 50-year assessment of diagnostic stability based on a national case registry. Schizophr Res 2023;252:110-117.

(14) Bar-Ilan E, Mashiah J, Molho-Pessach V, Horev L, Confino Y, Gál AI, et al. Infantile anogenital digitate keratoses: A case series of a novel entity. JAAD Case Rep 2023;32:35-40.

(15) Shemesh A, Ghareeb H, Dharan R, Levi-Kalisman Y, Metanis N, Ringel I, et al. Effect of tubulin self-association on GTP hydrolysis and nucleotide exchange reactions. Biochim Biophys Acta Proteins Proteomics 2023;1871(2).

(16) Schneider M, Werner S, Yavnai N, Ben Yehuda A, Shelef L. Israeli soldiers' intentions and actions toward seeking mental health help: Barriers and facilitators. J Clin Psychol 2023;79(2):449-465.

(17) Pahima H, Zaffran I, Ben-Chetrit E, Jarjoui A, Gaur P, Manca ML, et al. Patients with coronavirus disease 2019 characterized by dysregulated levels of membrane and soluble cluster of differentiation 48. Ann Allergy Asthma Immunol 2023;130(2):245-253.e9.

(18) Gileles-Hillel A, Yochi Harpaz L, Breuer O, Reiter J, Tsabari R, Kerem E, et al. The clinical yield of bronchoscopy in the management of cystic fibrosis: A retrospective multicenter study. Pediatr Pulmonol 2023;58(2):500-506.

(19) Golan-Tripto I, Tsabari R, Picard E, Stafler P, Armoni Domany K, Goldbart AD, et al. Foreign body aspiration in Israeli children during the COVID-19 pandemic. Pediatr Pulmonol 2023;58(2):425-432.

(20) Østergaard HB, Humphreys V, Hengeveld EM, Honoré JB, Mach F, Visseren FLJ, et al. Cardiovascular risk and lifetime benefit from preventive treatment in type 2 diabetes: A post hoc analysis of the CAPTURE study. Diabetes Obes Metab 2023;25(2):435-443.

(21) Michael M, Groothoff JW, Shasha-Lavsky H, Lieske JC, Frishberg Y, Simkova E, et al. Lumasiran for Advanced Primary Hyperoxaluria Type 1: Phase 3 ILLUMINATE-C Trial. Am J Kidney Dis 2023;81(2):145-155.e1.

(22) Talmy T, Nitzan I. Rapid Rollout and Initial Uptake of a Booster COVID-19 Vaccine Among Israel Defense Forces Soldiers. J Prev 2023;44(1):1-14.

(23) Sampath VP, Velmurugan K. Hierarchical self-assembly of Zirconium toughened Alumina based bioinspired microporous material by freeze casting method. J Porous Mater 2023;30(1):1-10.

(24) Ilan Y. Microtubules as a potential platform for energy transfer in biological systems: a target for implementing individualized, dynamic variability patterns to improve organ function. Mol Cell Biochem 2023;478(2):375-392.

(25) Levin G, Tsur A, Burke YZ, Meyer R. Methods of induction of labor after cesarean with no prior vaginal delivery—Perinatal outcomes. Int J Gynecol Obstet 2023;160(2):612-619.

(26) Zubeidat K, Jaber Y, Saba Y, Barel O, Naamneh R, Netanely Y, et al. Microbiota-dependent and -independent postnatal development of salivary immunity. Cell Rep 2023;42(1).

(27) Kennedy KM, de Goffau MC, Perez-Muñoz ME, Arrieta M-, Bäckhed F, Bork P, et al. Questioning the fetal microbiome illustrates pitfalls of low-biomass microbial studies. Nature 2023;613(7945):639-649.

(28) Mechoulam R. A Delightful Trip Along the Pathway of Cannabinoid and Endocannabinoid Chemistry and Pharmacology. Annu Rev Pharmacol Toxicol 2023;63:1-13.

(29) Gotsman I, Leibowitz D, Keren A, Amir O, Zwas DR. Echocardiographic Characteristics and Clinical Outcomes of the Hyperdynamic Heart: A ‘Super-Normal’ Heart is not a Normal Heart. Am J Cardiol 2023;187:119-126.

(30) Loyfer N, Magenheim J, Peretz A, Cann G, Bredno J, Klochendler A, et al. A DNA methylation atlas of normal human cell types. Nature 2023;613(7943):355-364.

(31) Shamir RR, Joskowicz L, Bergman H. Editorial: Image-based planning of electric neurological treatments. Front Human Neurosci 2023;16.

(32) Peng W, Jian W, Li T, Malowany M, Tang X, Huang M, et al. Disparities of obesity and non-communicable disease burden between the Tibetan Plateau and developed megacities in China. Front Public Health 2023;10.

(33) Wasserzug Pash P, Karavani G, Reich E, Zecharyahu L, Kay Z, Bauman D, et al. Pre-pubertal oocytes harbor altered histone modifications and chromatin configuration. Front Cell Dev Biol 2023;10.

(34) Cahen-Peretz A, Tsaitlin-Mor L, Kam HA, Frenkel R, Kabessa M, Cohen SM, et al. Boosting maternal and neonatal anti–SARS-CoV-2 humoral immunity using a third mRNA vaccine dose. JCI Insight 2023;8(1).

(35) Adawi N, Rotshild V, Yanko S, Mowaswes M, Amir O, Haitner G, et al. Efficacy and safety outcomes of long-term anti-thrombotic treatment of chronic coronary artery disease: A systematic review and network meta-analysis. Front Cardiovasc Med 2023;9.

(36) Bar-Zeev Y, Shauly-Aharonov M, Neumark Y, Hirshoren N. Changes in Smoking Behavior, Stress, and Sleep Duration Among Israeli Hospital Workers During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Cross-sectional Study. Nicotine Tob Res 2023;25(2):274-281.

(37) Stern E, Caruso S, Meiller C, Mishalian I, Hirsch TZ, Bayard Q, et al. Deep dive into the immune response against murine mesothelioma permits design of novel anti-mesothelioma therapeutics. Front Immunol 2023;13.

(38) Landau J, Tsaban L, Yaacov A, Ben Cohen G, Rosenberg S. Shared Cancer Dataset Analysis Identifies and Predicts the Quantitative Effects of Pan-Cancer Somatic Driver Variants. Cancer Res 2023;83(1):74-88.

(39) Tancharoen C, Tovivek B, Niramitranon J, Kityakarn S, Luksirikul P, Gorinstein S, et al. Exploring the structural and dynamic differences between human carnosinase I (CN1) and II (CN2). Proteins Struct Funct Bioinformatics 2023.

(40) Szydlo Shein G, Elazary R, Marom G, Fishman Y, Abu Gazala M, Brodie R, et al. Post-POEM Contrast-Enhanced Swallow Study: Is It Always Necessary? J Gastrointest Surg 2023.

(41) Babu T, Ghareeb H, Basu U, Schueffl H, Theiner S, Heffeter P, et al. Oral Anticancer Heterobimetallic PtIV−AuI Complexes Show High In Vivo Activity and Low Toxicity. Angew Chem Int Ed 2023.

(42) Kilpatrick K, Savard I, Audet L-, Kra-Friedman A, Atallah R, Jabbour M, et al. A global perspective of advanced practice nursing research: A review of systematic reviews protocol. PLoS One 2023;18(1):e0280726.

(43) Oster Y, Abu Ahmad W, Michael-Gayego A, Rivkin M, Levinzon L, Wolf D, et al. Viral and Bacterial Respiratory Pathogens during the COVID-19 Pandemic in Israel. Microorg 2023;11(1).

(44) Guedalia J, Lipschuetz M, Walfisch A, Cohen SM, Sheiner E, Samson AO, et al. Partogram of Grandmultiparous Parturients: A Multicenter Cohort Study. J Clin Med 2023;12(2).

(45) Friedman K, Karmon O, Fridman U, Goldberg Y, Pines O, Ben-Aroya S. Inactive Proteasomes Routed to Autophagic Turnover Are Confined within the Soluble Fraction of the Cell. Biomolecules 2023;13(1).

(46) Pavlyuchenkova AN, Chelombitko MA, Fedorov AV, Kuznetsova MK, Zinovkin RA, Razin E. The Distinct Effects of the Mitochondria-Targeted STAT3 Inhibitors Mitocur-1 and Mitocur-3 on Mast Cell and Mitochondrial Functions. Int J Mol Sci 2023;24(2).

(47) Sinvani R-, Golos A, Ben Zagmi S, Gilboa Y. The Relationship between Young Children’s Graphomotor Skills and Their Environment: A Cross-Sectional Study. Int J Environ Res Public Health 2023;20(2).

(48) Mazeh H, Weiss D, Peter M, Grozinsky-Glasberg S, Oleinikov K, Szalat A, et al. Deliberate Compensated Vasoplegia–A Novel Pharmaceutical Approach for Controlling Blood Pressure During Surgery for Pheochromocytoma. World J Surg 2023.

(49) Kenig A, Keidar-Haran T, Azmanov H, Kessler A, Kolben Y, Tayri-Wilk T, et al. Low-Dose Colchicine Attenuates Sepsis-Induced Liver Injury: A Novel Method for Alleviating Systemic Inflammation. Inflammation 2023.

(50) Ramot Y, Rottenberg Y, Domb AJ, Kubek MJ, Williams KD, Nyska A. Preclinical In-Vivo Safety of a Novel Thyrotropin-Releasing Hormone-Loaded Biodegradable Nanoparticles After Intranasal Administration in Rats and Primates. Int J Toxicol 2023.

(51) Blal K, Besser E, Procaccia S, Schwob O, Lerenthal Y, Abu Tair J, et al. The Effect of Cannabis Plant Extracts on Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma and the Quest for Cannabis-Based Personalized Therapy. Cancers 2023;15(2).

(52) Ilan Y. Making use of noise in biological systems. Prog Biophys Mol Biol 2023.

(53) Emile SH, Horesh N, Garoufalia Z, Gefen R, Zhou P, Wexner SD. The Prognostic Impact of Microsatellite Instability on the Outcome of Appendiceal Adenocarcinoma: a National Cancer Database Analysis. J Gastrointest Surg 2023.

(54) Yeshurun M, Rozovski U, Shargian L, Pasvolsky O, van der Werf S, Tridello G, et al. Infection prevention practices among EBMT hematopoietic cell transplant centers: the EBMT Infectious Disease Working Party survey. Bone Marrow Transplant 2023.


(56) Ramot Y, Vazana U, Cacical O, Nyska A. Safety and efficacy of a novel robotic, fractional micro-coring device in a swine model. J Toxicol Pathol 2023;36(1):11-19.

(57) Ben-Arye E, Segev Y, Galil G, Marom I, Gressel O, Stein N, et al. Acupuncture during gynecological oncology surgery: A randomized controlled trial assessing the impact of integrative therapies on perioperative pain and anxiety. Cancer 2023.

(58) Scheier E, Fuchs L, Taragin BH, Balla U, Shavit I. Children with Elbow Injuries and Sonographic Elevated Posterior Fat Pad but No Identifiable Posterior Fat Pad on Lateral Radiographs: A Case Series. J Ultrasound Med 2023.

(59) Adler Lazarovits C, Smadja A, Kabessa M, Allouche Kam H, Nevo L, Godin M, et al. Boosting Dose of Pfizer-BioNtech mRNA Vaccine Against SARS-CoV-2 Does Not Affect Reproductive Outcomes in In-Vitro Fertilization Patients: A Cohort Study. J Womens Health (Larchmt) 2023;32(1):24-28.

(60) Weill C, Gallant A, Baker Erdman H, Abu Snineh M, Linetsky E, Bergman H, et al. The Genetic Etiology of Parkinson's Disease Does Not Robustly Affect Subthalamic Physiology. Mov Disord 2023.

(61) Hauser N, Hirbawi J, Saban Golub M, Zabit S, Lichtenstein M, Lorberboum-Galski H. Exploiting the Endogenous Ubiquitin Proteasome System in Targeted Cancer Treatment. Cancers 2023;15(1).

(62) Mersha AG, Maddox R, Maidment S, Booth K, Briscoe K, Hussein P, et al. “It Needs a Full-Time Dedicated Person to Do This Job in Our Local Communities with Our Aboriginal Health Services”—Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Workers and Practitioners Perspectives on Supporting Smoking Cessation during Pregnancy. Int J Environ Res Public Health 2023;20(1).

(63) Dagan M, Kolben Y, Goldstein N, Ben Ishay A, Fons M, Merin R, et al. Advanced Hemodynamic Monitoring Allows Recognition of Early Response Patterns to Diuresis in Congestive Heart Failure Patients. J Clin Med 2023;12(1).

(64) Ahmad M, Abramovich I, Agranovich B, Nemirovski A, Gottlieb E, Hinden L, et al. Kidney Proximal Tubule GLUT2—More than Meets the Eye. Cells 2023;12(1).

(65) Kharouf F, Gomori JM, Gur C. ANCA-associated refractory vasculitis with multiple systemic involvement: A rare case report. Int J Rheum Dis 2023.

(66) Nitzan I, Akavian I, Einan-Lifshitz A, Shemer A, Afek A, Peled A. The Definition-Dependent Nature of Myopia Prevalence: A Nationwide Study of 1.5 Million Adolescents. Ophthalmic Epidemiol 2023.

(67) Ahmed A, Garg J, Kabra R, Charate R, Eliaz R, Demma JA, et al. Feasibility and safety of a novel blunt tip concealed needle device for pericardial access in porcine models. J Intervent Card Electrophysiol 2023.

(68) Steinert JR, Amal H. The contribution of an imbalanced redox signalling to neurological and neurodegenerative conditions. Free Radic Biol Med 2023;194:71-83.

(69) Kolben Y, Azmanov H, Gelman R, Dror D, Ilan Y. Using chronobiology-based second-generation artificial intelligence digital system for overcoming antimicrobial drug resistance in chronic infections. Ann Med 2023;55(1):311-318.

(70) Pollack R, Raz I, Wiviott SD, Goodrich EL, Murphy SA, Yanuv I, et al. Efficacy and Safety of Dapagliflozin by Baseline Insulin Regimen and Dose: Post Hoc Analyses From DECLARE-TIMI 58. Diabetes Care 2023;46(1):156-164.

(71) Vagedes J, Kassem S, Gressel O, Samuels N, Eden A, Ben-Arye E. Parasympathetic Versus Sympathetic Changes in Heart Rate Variability After a Multimodal Integrative Medicine Intervention for Frontline COVID-19 Personnel. Psychosom Med 2023;85(1):53-60.

(72) Halperin R, Arnon L, Nasirov S, Friedensohn L, Gershinsky M, Telerman A, et al. Germline CDKN1B variant type and site are associated with phenotype in MEN4. Endocr Relat Cancer 2023;30(1).

(73) Hirsch S, Hinden L, Naim MB-, Baraghithy S, Permyakova A, Azar S, et al. Hepatic targeting of the centrally active cannabinoid 1 receptor (CB1R) blocker rimonabant via PLGA nanoparticles for treating fatty liver disease and diabetes. J Control Release 2023;353:254-269.

(74) Sessa C, Balmaña J, Bober SL, Cardoso MJ, Colombo N, Curigliano G, et al. Risk reduction and screening of cancer in hereditary breast-ovarian cancer syndromes: ESMO Clinical Practice Guideline ☆. Ann Oncol 2023;34(1):33-47.

(75) Fink O, Even-Or E, Avni B, Grisariu S, Zaidman I, Schejter YD, et al. Two decades of stem cell transplantation in patients with Fanconi anemia: Analysis of factors affecting transplant outcomes. Clin Transplant 2023;37(1).

(76) Aldouby Bier G, Zaidman I, Dinur Schejter Y, NaserEddin A, Stepensky P, Even-Or E. Vedolizumab for pediatric patients with gastrointestinal acute graft-versus-host-disease. Pediatr Blood Cancer 2023;70(1).

(77) Gabelli M, Stepensky P, Ottaviano G, Mullanfiroze K, Lazareva A, Zaidman I, et al. Incremental donor lymphocyte infusion to treat mixed chimerism after allogeneic stem cell transplantation in children with non-malignant diseases. Bone Marrow Transplant 2023;58(1):109-111.

(78) Shragai T, Magen H, Lavi N, Gatt M, Trestman S, Zektser M, et al. Real-world experience with belantamab mafodotin therapy for relapsed/refractory multiple myeloma: A multicentre retrospective study. Br J Haematol 2023;200(1):45-53.

(79) Kayyal-Tarabeia I, Blank M, Zick A, Agay-Shay K. Residence near industrial complex and cancer incidence: A registry-based cohort of 1,022,637 participants with a follow-up of 21 years, Israel. Environ Res 2023;216.

(80) Gabai Y, Assouline B, Ben-Porath I. Senescent stromal cells: roles in the tumor microenvironment. Trends Cancer 2023;9(1):28-41.

(81) Gazit N, Ben-Gal G, Eliashar R. Using Job Analysis for Identifying the Desired Competencies of 21st-Century Surgeons for Improving Trainees Selection. J Surg Educ 2023;80(1):81-92.

(82) Dothan D, Noyman Y, Perez D, Kocherov S, Jaber J, Chertin B. Surgical Treatment of Meatal Stenosis: Lessons Learned from the Pediatric Urology Practice. Urology 2023;171:201-204.

(83) Freund T, Baxter SK, Walsh T, Golan H, Kapelushnik J, Abramsohn-Goldenberg M, et al. Clinically Complex LRBA Deficiency Due to a Founder Allele in the Georgian Jewish Population. J Clin Immunol 2023;43(1):151-164.

(84) Boaz E, Bar-Gil Shitrit A, Schechter M, Goldin E, Reissman P, Yellinek S, et al. Inflammatory bowel disease in families with four or more affected first-degree relatives. Scand J Gastroenterol 2023;58(1):20-24.

(85) Sbeit W, Abukaes H, Said Ahmad H, Sbeit M, Kalisky I, Katz L, et al. The possible association of proton pump inhibitor use with acute cholangitis in patients with choledocholithiasis: a multi-center study. Scand J Gastroenterol 2023;58(1):83-87.

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(88) Srivastava V, Zelmanovich V, Shukla V, Abergel R, Cohen I, Ben-Sasson SA, et al. Distinct designer diamines promote mitophagy, and thereby enhance healthspan in C. elegans and protect human cells against oxidative damage. Autophagy 2023;19(2):474-504.

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