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The Faculty of Medicine: Recent Publications

Recent Publications

Last updated September 2022  

List of Publications

(1) Shapiro E, Mahlab-Guri K, Scheier E, Ciobotaro P, Guri A. Perform hand hygiene and the doors will open – the effectiveness of new system implementation on paediatric intensive care unit visitors’ handwashing compliance. Epidemiol Infect 2022;150.

(2) Goyal M, Simantov K, Dzikowski R. Beyond splicing: serine–arginine proteins as emerging multifaceted regulators of RNA metabolism in malaria parasites. Curr Opin Microbiol 2022;70.

(3) Zimmerman DR, Kaplan M, Shoob H, Freisthler M, Toledano M, Stein-Zamir C. Breastfeeding challenges and support in a high initiation population. Isr J Health Policy Res 2022;11(1).

(4) Mosenzon O, Capehorn MS, De Remigis A, Rasmussen S, Weimers P, Rosenstock J. Impact of semaglutide on high-sensitivity C-reactive protein: exploratory patient-level analyses of SUSTAIN and PIONEER randomized clinical trials. Cardiovasc Diabetol 2022;21(1).

(5) Ganz T, Fainstein N, Ben-Hur T. When the infectious environment meets the AD brain. Mol Neurodegeneration 2022;17(1).

(6) Stern S, Lau S, Manole A, Rosh I, Percia MM, Ben Ezer R, et al. Reduced synaptic activity and dysregulated extracellular matrix pathways in midbrain neurons from Parkinson’s disease patients. NPJ Parkinson's Dis 2022;8(1).

(7) Blessing C, Apelt K, van den Heuvel D, Gonzalez-Leal C, Rother MB, van der Woude M, et al. XPC–PARP complexes engage the chromatin remodeler ALC1 to catalyze global genome DNA damage repair. Nat Commun 2022;13(1).

(8) Gadassi H, Millo David I, Yaari M, Kerem E, Katz M, Porter B, et al. Enhancing the primary care pediatrician's role in managing psychosocial issues: a cross sectional study of pediatricians and parents in Israel. Isr J Health Policy Res 2022;11(1).

(9) Lombardo B, Pagani M, De Rosa A, Nunziato M, Migliarini S, Garofalo M, et al. D-aspartate oxidase gene duplication induces social recognition memory deficit in mice and intellectual disabilities in humans. Transl Psychiatry 2022;12(1).

(10) Hayek S, Ben-shlomo Y, Dagan N, Reis BY, Barda N, Kepten E, et al. Effectiveness of REGEN-COV antibody combination in preventing severe COVID-19 outcomes. Nat Commun 2022;13(1).

(11) Polok K, Fronczek J, Artigas A, Flaatten H, Guidet B, De Lange DW, et al. Noninvasive ventilation in COVID-19 patients aged ≥ 70 years—a prospective multicentre cohort study. Crit Care 2022;26(1).

(12) Gull N, Jones MR, Peng P-, Coetzee SG, Silva TC, Plummer JT, et al. DNA methylation and transcriptomic features are preserved throughout disease recurrence and chemoresistance in high grade serous ovarian cancers. J Exp Clin Cancer Res 2022;41(1).

(13) Katsman E, Orlanski S, Martignano F, Fox-Fisher I, Shemer R, Dor Y, et al. Detecting cell-of-origin and cancer-specific methylation features of cell-free DNA from Nanopore sequencing. Genome Biol 2022;23(1).

(14) Vaney M-, Dellarole M, Duquerroy S, Medits I, Tsouchnikas G, Rouvinski A, et al. Evolution and activation mechanism of the flavivirus class II membrane-fusion machinery. Nat Commun 2022;13(1).

(15) Orr Z, Jackson L, Alpert EA, Fleming MD. Neutrality, conflict, and structural determinants of health in a Jerusalem emergency department. Int J Equity Health 2022;21(1).

(16) Kaplan A, Mizrahi-Kliger AD, Rappel P, Iskhakova L, Fonar G, Israel Z, et al. Spontaneous pauses in firing of external pallidum neurons are associated with exploratory behavior. Commun Biolog 2022;5(1).

(17) Jaber M, Radwan A, Loyfer N, Abdeen M, Sebban S, Khatib A, et al. Comparative parallel multi-omics analysis during the induction of pluripotent and trophectoderm states. Nat Commun 2022;13(1).

(18) Schechter M, Melzer Cohen C, Yanuv I, Rozenberg A, Chodick G, Bodegård J, et al. Epidemiology of the diabetes-cardio-renal spectrum: a cross-sectional report of 1.4 million adults. Cardiovasc Diabetol 2022;21(1).

(19) Lupu L, Taha L, Farkash R, Bayya F, Karmi M, Steinmetz Y, et al. Hemoglobin A1C as a prognostic factor and the pre-diabetic paradox in patients admitted to a tertiary care medical center intensive cardiac care unit: The Jerusalem platelets thrombosis and intervention in cardiology (JUPITER-6) study group. Cardiovasc Diabetol 2022;21(1).

(20) Biswas S, Rust LN, Wettengel JM, Yusova S, Fischer M, Carson JN, et al. Long-term hepatitis B virus infection of rhesus macaques requires suppression of host immunity. Nat Commun 2022;13(1).

(21) Thomas I, Dickens AM, Posti JP, Czeiter E, Duberg D, Sinioja T, et al. Serum metabolome associated with severity of acute traumatic brain injury. Nat Commun 2022;13(1).

(22) Charpak-Amikam Y, Lapidus T, Isaacson B, Duev-Cohen A, Levinson T, Elbaz A, et al. Candida albicans evades NK cell elimination via binding of Agglutinin-Like Sequence proteins to the checkpoint receptor TIGIT. Nat Commun 2022;13(1).

(23) Hofer KT, Kandrács Á, Tóth K, Hajnal B, Bokodi V, Tóth EZ, et al. Bursting of excitatory cells is linked to interictal epileptic discharge generation in humans. Sci Rep 2022;12(1).

(24) Mentzelopoulos SD, Chen S, Nates JL, Kruser JM, Hartog C, Michalsen A, et al. Derivation and performance of an end-of-life practice score aimed at interpreting worldwide treatment-limiting decisions in the critically ill. Crit Care 2022;26(1).

(25) Meirow Y, Jovanovic M, Zur Y, Habib J, Colombo DF, Twaik N, et al. Specific inflammatory osteoclast precursors induced during chronic inflammation give rise to highly active osteoclasts associated with inflammatory bone loss. Bone Res 2022;10(1).

(26) Adar T, Ya’acov AB, Shabat Y, Mizrahi M, Zolotarov L, Lichtenstein Y, et al. Steroid-mediated liver steatosis is CD1d-dependent, while steroid-induced liver necrosis, inflammation, and metabolic changes are CD1d-independent. BMC Gastroenterol 2022;22(1).

(27) Volman Y, Hefetz R, Galun E, Rachmilewitz J. DNA damage alters EGFR signaling and reprograms cellular response via Mre-11. Sci Rep 2022;12(1).

(28) Šušnjar U, Škrabar N, Brown A-, Abbassi Y, Phatnani H, Phatnani H, et al. Cell environment shapes TDP-43 function with implications in neuronal and muscle disease. Commun Biolog 2022;5(1).

(29) Ben-David EI, Blumenfeld O, Shapira-Daniels A, Shapira OM. Validation of the society of thoracic surgeons predicted risk of mortality score for long-term survival after cardiac surgery in Israel. J Cardiothoracic Surg 2022;17(1).

(30) Hinden L, Ahmad M, Hamad S, Nemirovski A, Szanda G, Glasmacher S, et al. Opposite physiological and pathological mTORC1-mediated roles of the CB1 receptor in regulating renal tubular function. Nat Commun 2022;13(1).

(31) Tripathi MK, Kartawy M, Ginzburg S, Amal H. Arsenic alters nitric oxide signaling similar to autism spectrum disorder and Alzheimer’s disease-associated mutations. Transl Psychiatry 2022;12(1).

(32) Aharoni-Simon M, Ben-Yaakov K, Sharvit-Bader M, Raz D, Haim Y, Ghannam W, et al. Oxidative stress facilitates exogenous mitochondria internalization and survival in retinal ganglion precursor-like cells. Sci Rep 2022;12(1).

(33) Sartelli M, Labricciosa FM, Coccolini F, Coimbra R, Abu-Zidan FM, Ansaloni L, et al. It is time to define an organizational model for the prevention and management of infections along the surgical pathway: a worldwide cross-sectional survey. World J Emerg Surg 2022;17(1).

(34) Arbel R, Heimler B, Amedi A. Congenitally blind adults can learn to identify face-shapes via auditory sensory substitution and successfully generalize some of the learned features. Sci Rep 2022;12(1).

(35) Halperson E, Matalon V, Goldstein G, Saieg Spilberg S, Herzog K, Fux-Noy A, et al. The prevalence of dental developmental anomalies among childhood cancer survivors according to types of anticancer treatment. Sci Rep 2022;12(1).

(36) Cendrowicz E, Jacob L, Greenwald S, Tamir A, Pecker I, Tabakman R, et al. DSP107 combines inhibition of CD47/SIRPα axis with activation of 4-1BB to trigger anticancer immunity. J Exp Clin Cancer Res 2022;41(1).

(37) Fleissig Y, Dan-Gur M, Michael-Gayego A, Maly A, Tabib R, Jaffe CL, et al. A trespasser from a foreign land? A case report of primary mucosal leishmaniasis. BMC Infect Dis 2022;22(1).

(38) Karavani G, Chill HH, Dick A, Bergman M, Imbar T, Grisaru-Granovsky S, et al. Obstetric outcomes of young women following in-vitro fertilization: a case–control study. BMC Pregnancy Childbirth 2022;22(1).

(39) Dick A, Rosenbloom JI, Gutman-Ido E, Lessans N, Cahen-Peretz A, Chill HH. Safety of SARS-CoV-2 vaccination during pregnancy- obstetric outcomes from a large cohort study. BMC Pregnancy Childbirth 2022;22(1).

(40) Beit Yosef A, Maeir T, Khalailh F, Gilboa Y. Perceived feasibility of an occupation-based telerehabilitation intervention for older adults with chronic health conditions in Israel. Hong Kong J Occup Ther 2022;34(2):121-131.

(41) Feng S, Ma S, Li K, Gao S, Ning S, Shang J, et al. RIF1-ASF1-mediated high-order chromatin structure safeguards genome integrity. Nat Commun 2022;13(1).

(42) Abu T, Levi A, Hasdai D, Kramer MR, Bental T, Bdolah-Abram T, et al. Preoperative evaluation of pulmonary hypertension in lung transplant candidates: echocardiography versus right heart catheterization. BMC Cardiovasc Disord 2022;22(1).

(43) Erlich I, Ben-Meir A, Har-Vardi I, Grifo J, Wang F, Mccaffrey C, et al. Pseudo contrastive labeling for predicting IVF embryo developmental potential. Sci Rep 2022;12(1).

(44) Azarieva J, Berry EM, Troen AM. Child food insecurity in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic: urgent need for policy evaluation and reform in Israel’s school feeding programs. Isr J Health Policy Res 2022;11(1).

(45) Varga JK, Diffley K, Welker Leng KR, Fierke CA, Schueler-Furman O. Structure-based prediction of HDAC6 substrates validated by enzymatic assay reveals determinants of promiscuity and detects new potential substrates. Sci Rep 2022;12(1).

(46) Geron I, Savino AM, Fishman H, Tal N, Brown J, Turati VA, et al. An instructive role for Interleukin-7 receptor α in the development of human B-cell precursor leukemia. Nat Commun 2022;13(1).

(47) Al Khleifat A, Iacoangeli A, van Vugt JJFA, Bowles H, Moisse M, Zwamborn RAJ, et al. Structural variation analysis of 6,500 whole genome sequences in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. npj Genom Med 2022;7(1).

(48) Katz LH, Gingold-Belfer R, Vainer E, Hegger S, Laish I, Derazne E, et al. Phenotypic diversity among juvenile polyposis syndrome patients from different ethnic background. Hered Cancer Clin Pract 2022;20(1).

(49) Sartelli M, Coccolini F, Kluger Y, Agastra E, Abu-Zidan FM, Abbas AES, et al. WSES/GAIS/WSIS/SIS-E/AAST global clinical pathways for patients with skin and soft tissue infections. World J Emerg Surg 2022;17(1).

(50) Zinger G, Bregman A, Safran O, Beyth S, Peyser A. Hyaluronic acid injections for chronic tennis elbow. BMC Sports Sci Med Rehabil 2022;14(1).

(51) Nadel G, Yao Z, Wainstein E, Cohen I, Ben-Ami I, Schajnovitz A, et al. GqPCR-stimulated dephosphorylation of AKT is induced by an IGBP1-mediated PP2A switch. Cell Commun Signal 2022;20(1).

(52) Tsaban T, Varga JK, Avraham O, Ben-Aharon Z, Khramushin A, Schueler-Furman O. Harnessing protein folding neural networks for peptide–protein docking. Nat Commun 2022;13(1).

(53) Elstein D, Belmatoug N, Deegan P, Göker-Alpan Ö, Hughes DA, Schwartz IVD, et al. Development and validation of Gaucher disease type 1 (GD1)-specific patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs) for clinical monitoring and for clinical trials. Orphanet J Rare Dis 2022;17(1).

(54) Ganz T, Fainstein N, Elad A, Lachish M, Goldfarb S, Einstein O, et al. Microbial pathogens induce neurodegeneration in Alzheimer’s disease mice: protection by microglial regulation. J Neuroinflamm 2022;19(1).

(55) Tur-Sinai A, Urban D, Azoulay D, Bar-Sela G, Bentur N. Understanding out-of-pocket spending and financial hardship among patients who succumb to cancer and their caregivers. Isr J Health Policy Res 2022;11(1).

(56) Tankel J, Keinan A, Gillis R, Yoresh M, Gillis M, Tarnovsky Y, et al. Exploring the Trends of Acute Appendicitis Following Recovery or Vaccination From COVID-19. J Surg Res 2022;279:633-638.

(57) Yadin D, Petrover Z, Shainberg A, Alcalai R, Waldman M, Seidman J, et al. Autophagy guided interventions to modify the cardiac phenotype of Danon disease. Biochem Pharmacol 2022;204.

(58) Stergiou G, Brunström M, MacDonald T, Kyriakoulis KG, Bursztyn M, Khan N, et al. Bedtime dosing of antihypertensive medications: systematic review and consensus statement: International Society of Hypertension position paper endorsed by World Hypertension League and European Society of Hypertension. J Hypertens 2022;40(10):1847-1858.

(59) Rosenbloom BE, Cappellini MD, Weinreb NJ, Dragosky M, Revel-Vilk S, Batista JL, et al. Cancer risk and gammopathies in 2123 adults with Gaucher disease type 1 in the International Gaucher Group Gaucher Registry. Am J Hematol 2022;97(10):1337-1347.

(60) Gandhi S, Mitterhoff R, Rapoport R, Farago M, Greenberg A, Hodge L, et al. Mitotic H3K9ac is controlled by phase-specific activity of HDAC2, HDAC3, and SIRT1. Life Sci Alliance 2022;5(10).

(61) Shapiro M, Landau R, Shay S, Kaminsky M, Verhovsky G. Early detection of COVID-19 outbreaks using textual analysis of electronic medical records. J Clin Virol 2022;155.

(62) Kooblall KG, Stokes VJ, Shariq OA, English KA, Stevenson M, Broxholme J, et al. miR-3156-5p is downregulated in serum of MEN1 patients and regulates expression of MORF4L2. Endocr Relat Cancer 2022;29(10):557-568.

(63) Fahoum F, Linder I, Herskovitz M, Noyman I, Ekstein D, Ben Zeev B, et al. Generic substitutions of antiseizure medications: recommendations issued by the Israeli Chapter of the International League Against Epilepsy. Epileptic Disord 2022;24(5):1-3.

(64) Milman T, Eiger-Moscovich M, Henry RK, Ida CM, Ruben M, Shields CL, et al. Cyclin D1 Expression and Molecular Genetic Findings in Periocular Histiocytoses and Neoplasms of Macrophage-Dendritic Cell Lineage. Am J Ophthalmol 2022;242:36-51.

(65) Yellon T, Yellon D. Touching male patients – The challenge of orthodox Jewish female nursing students: A phenomenological study. Nurse Educ Today 2022;117.

(66) Donen A, Lifschytz T, Wolf G, Ben-Ari H, Lotan A, Lerer L, et al. Evaluation of the Therapeutic Potential of Oral Phycocyanin-Rich Spiruli-na Extracts in Neuropsychiatric Disorders. Nat Prod J 2022;12(6):76-81.

(67) Graffeo R, Rana HQ, Conforti F, Bonanni B, Cardoso MJ, Paluch-Shimon S, et al. Moderate penetrance genes complicate genetic testing for breast cancer diagnosis: ATM, CHEK2, BARD1 and RAD51D. Breast 2022;65:32-40.

(68) Beil M, Flaatten H, Guidet B, Joskowicz L, Jung C, de Lange D, et al. Time-dependent uncertainty of critical care transitions in very old patients - lessons for time-limited trials. J Crit Care 2022;71.

(69) Tabah A, Elhadi M, Ballard E, Cortegiani A, Cecconi M, Unoki T, et al. Variation in communication and family visiting policies in intensive care within and between countries during the Covid-19 pandemic: The COVISIT international survey. J Crit Care 2022;71.

(70) Ghori A, Prinz V, Nieminen-Kehlä M, Bayerl SH, Kremenetskaia I, Riecke J, et al. Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor Augments the Tolerance Towards Cerebral Stroke by Enhancing Neurovascular Repair Mechanism. Transl Stroke Res 2022;13(5):774-791.

(71) Chaouat AE, Brizic I, Kucan Brlic P, Atari N, Kliker L, Alfi O, et al. Anti-human ACE2 antibody neutralizes and inhibits virus production of SARS-CoV-2 variants of concern. iScience 2022;25(9).

(72) Mortazavi M, Aigner K, Antono JE, Gambacorta C, Nahum M, Levi DM, et al. Intramodal cortical plastic changes after moderate visual impairment in human amblyopia. iScience 2022;25(9).

(73) Haramati A, Rechtman A, Zveik O, Haham N, Brill L, Vaknin-Dembinsky A. IL-6 as a marker for NMOSD disease activity. J Neuroimmunol 2022;370.

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(76) Kampaktsis PN, Doulamis IP, Asleh R, Makri E, Kalamaras I, Papastergiopoulos C, et al. Characteristics, Predictors, and Outcomes of Early mTOR Inhibitor Use After Heart Transplantation: Insights From the UNOS Database. J Am Heart Assoc 2022;11(17).

(77) Gilad O, Dgany O, Noy-Lotan S, Krasnov T, Yacobovich J, Rabinowicz R, et al. Syndromes predisposing to leukemia are a major cause of inherited cytopenias in children. Haematologica 2022;107(9):2081-2095.

(78) Brand D, Zachai N, Vider G, Adelman C. Perceptions of Preceptors and Audiology Students on Practicum During the COVID-19 Pandemic. Am J Audiol 2022;31(3):579.

(79) Guz-Mark A, Hino B, Berkowitz D, Hartman C, Millman PN, Orlanski-Meyer E, et al. The Variable Response to Teduglutide in Pediatric Short Bowel Syndrome: A Single Country Real-Life Experience. J Pediatr Gastroenterol Nutr 2022;75(3):293-298.

(80) Oliva S, Dias JA, Rea F, Malamisura M, Espinheira MC, Papadopoulou A, et al. Characterization of Eosinophilic Esophagitis From the European Pediatric Eosinophilic Esophagitis Registry (pEEr) of ESPGHAN. J Pediatr Gastroenterol Nutr 2022;75(3):325-333.

(81) Escudero A, Takagi M, Auer F, Friedrich UA, Miyamoto S, Ogawa A, et al. Clinical and immunophenotypic characteristics of familial leukemia predisposition caused by PAX5 germline variants. Leukemia 2022;36(9):2338-2342.

(82) Eliashar R, Cohen SM, Hirshoren N. Tranexamic acid administration practice in otolaryngology head & neck surgery; international survey. Am J Otolaryngol Head Neck Med Surg 2022;43(5).

(83) Thomassen RA, Luque V, Assa A, Borrelli O, Broekaert I, Dolinsek J, et al. An ESPGHAN Position Paper on the Use of Low-FODMAP Diet in Pediatric Gastroenterology. J Pediatr Gastroenterol Nutr 2022;75(3):356-368.

(84) Arnon J, Grozinsky-Glasberg S, Oleinikov K, Gross DJ, Salmon A, Meirovitz A, et al. Prognostic Factors in Advanced Adrenocortical Carcinoma: Summary of a National Referral Center's 20 years of Experience. J Endocr Soc 2022;6(9).

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(87) Roditi E, Weill Y, Wasser LM, Zadok D, Assayag E. Long-Standing Corneal Edema and Endothelial Decompensation due to Ecballium elaterium. Cornea 2022;41(9):1182-1184.

(88) Weksler CW, Heiman E, Weiser G. Removal of external auditory canal foreign bodies in the pediatric emergency department - A retrospective comparison study. Int J Pediatr Otorhinolaryngol 2022;160.

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(90) Wanounou M, Caraco Y, Levy RH, Bialer M, Perucca E. Clinically Relevant Interactions Between Ritonavir-Boosted Nirmatrelvir and Concomitant Antiseizure Medications: Implications for the Management of COVID-19 in Patients with Epilepsy. Clin Pharmacokinet 2022;61(9):1219-1236.

(91) Salim N, Libson E, Tumanova K, Krotenkova I. Stereotactic radiosurgery as a successful method to control meningeal metastatic adenoid cystic carcinoma of the lacrimal gland: A case report. Mol Clin Oncol 2022;17(3).

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