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How to use the library's catalog: Hebrew University research guides

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How to Search in the New Library Catalog

 - There are six libraries in the Mt. Campus: Law, The Humanities and Social Science (main library), Education and Social Work, Rothberg (overseas library), Mechina, Archeology. During your studies, you will probably use more than library that is why it is very important to make sure that you return the right book to the right library, so the book will not get lost and you will not receive a fine for late return.
 - If you borrow a book and it is requested by another user, you will be notified via email and be asked to return the book on time (no more than seven days after receiving the notification).
  - Reserved books (with a yellow mark) can be borrowed on Sun.-Wed. from 16:00 until 10:00 the next day. If you borrow the book on Thursday for the weekend then the return time is on Sunday 12:00. Books with a yellow mark and a red dot are not for borrowing; however, if they are needed, with librarian's permission, it is possible to borrow them from fifteen minutes before closing time (Sun.-Wed. 19:45 and on Thur. at 18:45) and return them the next morning until 09:00.
- When the library is closed, please put the books through a hole in room 353 (librarians' office).
- Please notice that in case of violation to these rules, you might be subject to fine.


You can follow your library borrowings and messages through your library card. Books from the regular collection (does not include: journals, reserved books) are automatically renewed. 

The library has four floors: three of them are open to the public and the lower floor is only to personnel only (Machsan). In Machsan we hold old versions of various books and journals in different languages. If you need an item from Machsan, please ask at the circulation desk to bring the item to you. 

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You can sort the results by showing only online items.

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Before entering the online item, make sure you are connected to Rumba VPN or logged in to the catalog via a new program OPEN-ATHENS (as eplained in the readers card tab).
Each online book has different content provider and the terms of use differ between them in following aspects:  
-the number of pages that are allowed to be printed or downloaded. For example:


- number of users that can access the book at the same time. If the books has only one access each time, the second reader will receive a notice that the current book is not available and you will be notified when the book is free. The access to the book is giving for only several hours a day per user. By the copyright law, it is allowed to download, to print or to copy only up to 20% of the book.