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Harman Science Library: Remote Access

              Harman Science Library 

Remote Access to Online Resources

Open Athens - a new method to access full text databases, online books and articles . 


If you haven't succeeded to access the full text, try VPN connection

Technical Support: details can be found in the Computerization Authority website

Connect to OpenAthens via publisher website


Connect to OpenAthens


Access to electronic material is possible as soon as you connect to Open Athens at any of the following locations:

  1. The Harman Science Library website, by pressing the “Access Resources” button or "LIbrary Card" button
  2. By Sign-in when searching the HUfind catalog
  3. By enter keyword in the search box article HUFind  Catalog on Harman Science Library
  4. By pressing Findit@HUJI in Google Scholar
  5. By connecting through a publisher’s website to institutional OpenAthens  Sign-In

Connect to OpenAthens via Google Scholar

Google Scholar

Google Scholar is also connected to Open Athens authentication. If you do not receive the University’s full text link Findit@HUJI, please follow the instructions:

  1. Press the menu icon (3 horizontal lines)
  2. Choose Settings, and then Library Links, and search for: The Hebrew University of Jerusalem - Findit@HUJI
  3. Choose the University, and press Save.

From now on all your search results will include Findit@HUJI