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Creating a publication file for an OpenScholar website: Guide

   מדריך בעברית

Creating a publication file for an OpenScholar website

The list of publications is an important part of your researcher's website.
Publications can be uploaded manually, one at a time, but can also be uploaded in batches using a BibTeX or a RIS file.
This guide will show you how to create these files from different sources.

Please note: The BibTex or RIS file does not update automatically and cannot be opened by word processing programs.

Contact person

   For questions, Please contact Avital Ordan, Research Publications, The Library Authority

Converting a list of publications to a RIS file (publications in English and other Latin alphabet languages)


  1. Go to:
  2. Copy your list to the website under enter citations
  3. Choose citation format RIS
  4. Click search
  5. Review results and mark the correct matches
  6. Click download selected citations
  7. Send the downloaded file to the website team


Converting a list of publications from Orcid, Google Scholar, EndNote etc.

Creating a RIS file of Hebrew articles or books

The process is the same for each of the three databases, but needs to be repeated for each one:

  1. Search by author name
  2. Select publications and click the thumbtack to save it to my favorites
  3. Go to my favorites (click the thumbtack at the top of the screen)
  4. Select items to export
  5. Click the (three dots) which will appear next to the title my favorites at the top of the page
  6. Select: export RIS and encoding: UTF-8
  7. Send the downloaded file to the website team

Exporting BibTeX files from databases

BibTeX files can be exported from additional databases. Look under the export options in the database or contact your library.