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The Faculty of Medicine - Immunology and Cancer Research: Brautbar Chaim


Last updated December 2021 -  Immunology and Cancer Research

List of Publications

(1) Bishara A, Brautbar C, Cereb N, Israel S. Identification of 33 novel HLA alleles in Arab potential bone marrow donors. HLA 2020;95(2):128-130.

(2) Bishara A, Halagan M, Brautbar C, Israel S, Maiers M, Madbouly A. High resolution HLA allele and haplotype frequencies for Arab donors in the Hadassah bone marrow donor registry. Hum Immunol 2019;80(10):823-827.

(3) Aboukaoud M, Israel S, Brautbar C, Eyal S. Genetic Basis of Delayed Hypersensitivity Reactions to Drugs in Jewish and Arab Populations. Pharm Res 2018;35(11).

(4) Maggio N, Firer M, Zaid H, Bederovsky Y, Aboukaoud M, Gandelman-Marton R, et al. Causative Drugs of Stevens-Johnson Syndrome and Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis in Israel. J Clin Pharmacol 2017;57(7):823-829.

(5) Israel S, Maggio N, Ekstein D, Zaid H, Firer M, Bederovsky Y, et al. Genetic risk factors for antiepileptic drug–induced hypersensitivity reactions in Israeli populations. Epilepsia 2016;57(10):e205-e209.

(6) Fernandez Vina MA, Hollenbach JA, Lyke KE, Sztein MB, Maiers M, Klitz W, et al. Tracking human migrations by the analysis of the distribution of HLA alleles, lineages and haplotypes in closed and open populations. Philos Trans R Soc B Biol Sci 2012;367(1590):820-829.

(7) Klitz W, Gragert L, Maiers M, Fernandez-Viña M, Ben-Naeh Y, Benedek G, et al. Genetic differentiation of Jewish populations. Tissue Antigens 2010;76(6):442-458.

(8) Benedek G, Paperna T, Avidan N, Lejbkowicz I, Oksenberg JR, Wang J, et al. Opposing effects of the HLA-DRB10301-DQB10201 haplotype on the risk for multiple sclerosis in diverse Arab populations in Israel. Genes Immun 2010;11(5):423-431.

(9) Benedek G, Brautbar C, Vardi P, Sharon N, Weintrob N, Zung A, et al. Effect of polymorphism in insulin locus and HLA on type 1 diabetes in four ethnic groups in Israel. Tissue Antigens 2009;73(1):33-38.

(10) Gazit R, Hershko K, Ingbar A, Schlesinger M, Israel S, Brautbar C, et al. Immunological assessment of familial tinea corporis. J Eur Acad Dermatol Venereol 2008;22(7):871-874.

(11) Thomson G, Valdes AM, Noble JA, Kockum I, Grote MN, Najman J, et al. Relative predispositional effects of HLA class II DRB1-DQB1 haplotypes and genotypes on type 1 diabetes: A meta-analysis. Tissue Antigens 2007;70(2):110-127.

(12) Israel S, Weinrib L, Weintrob N, Miller K, Brautbar C. Distribution of the V281L mutation of the CYP21 gene in Israeli congenital adrenal hyperplasia patients and its association with HLA-B14. Pediatr Endocrinol Rev 2006;3(SUPPL. 3):447-450.

(13) Bishara A, Brautbar C, Zamir G, Eid A, Safadi R. Impact of HLA-C and Bw epitopes disparity on liver transplantation outcome. Hum Immunol 2005;66(11):1099-1105.

(14) De Santis D, Bishara A, Witt CS, Nagler A, Brautbar C, Slavin S, et al. Natural killer cell HLA-C epitopes and killer cell immunoglobulin-like receptors both influence outcome of mismatched unrelated donor bone marrow transplants. Tissue Antigens 2005;65(6):519-528.

(15) Martínez-Borra J, Brautbar C, González S, Enk CD, López-Vázquez A, López-Larrea C. The region of 150 kb telometic to HLA-C is associated with psoriasis in the jewish population. J Invest Dermatol 2005;125(5):928-932.

(16) Zung A, Elizur M, Weintrob N, Bistritzer T, Hanukoglu A, Zadik Z, et al. Type 1 diabetes in Jewish Ethiopian immigrants in Israel: HLA class II immunogenetics and contribution of new environment. Hum Immunol 2004;65(12):1463-1468.

(17) Bishara A, De Santis D, Witt CC, Brautbar C, Christiansen FT, Or R, et al. The beneficial role of inhibitory KIR genes of HLA class I NK epitopes in haploidentically mismatched stem cell allografts may be masked by residual donor-alloreactive T cells causing GVHD. Tissue Antigens 2004;63(3):204-211.

(18) Bishara A, Brautbar C, Eid A, Scherman L, Ilan Y, Safadi R. Is presensitization relevant to liver transplantation outcome? Hum Immunol 2002;63(9):742-750.

(19) Peled N, Amar A, Peled E, Brautbar C, Pillar G. DRB1*1502-DQB1*0601-DQA1*0103 and DRB1*04-DQB1*0302 in Jewish hypersomnolent patients. Sleep Med 2002;3(3):267-270.

(20) Weintrob N, Israel S, Lazar L, Lilos P, Brautbar C, Phillip M, et al. Decreased cortisol secretion in nonclassical 21-hydroxylase deficiency before and during glucocorticoid therapy. J Pediatr Endocrinol Metab 2002;15(7):985-991.

(21) Bishara A, Mohana N, Nagler A, Brautbar C. Mechanisms of interactions between Natural Killer cells and fibroblasts in graft versus host disease. Eur J Immunogenet 2001;28(2):263.

(22) Bishara A, Brautbar C, Eid A, Sherman L, Safadi R. Killer inhibitory receptor mismatching and liver transplantation outcome. Transplant Proc 2001;33(6):2908.

(23) Bishara A, Admon D, Sherman L, Brautbar C. Detection of anti-HLA antibodies by ELISA: Relevance to heart transplantation. Transplant Proc 2001;33(6):2909.

(24) González S, Brautbar C, Martínez-Borra J, López-Vazquez A, Segal R, Blanco-Gelaz MA, et al. Polymorphism in MICA rather than HLA-B/C genes is associated with psoriatic arthritis in the Jewish population. Hum Immunol 2001;62(6):632-638.

(25) Klitz W, Brautbar C, Schito AM, Barcellos LF, Oksenberg JR. Evolution of the CCR5 δ32 mutation based on haplotype variation in Jewish and Northern European population samples. Hum Immunol 2001;62(5):530-538.

(26) Nagler A, Aker M, Or R, Naparstek E, Varadi G, Brautbar C, et al. Low-intensity conditioning is sufficient to ensure engraftment in matched unrelated bone marrow transplantation. Exp Hematol 2001;29(3):362-370.

(27) Kwon OJ, Brautbar C, Weintrob N, Sprecher E, Saphirman C, Bloch K, et al. Immunogenetics of HLA class II in Israeli Ashkenazi Jewish, Israeli non-Ashkenazi Jewish, and in Israeli Arab IDDM patients. Hum Immunol 2001;62(1):85-91.

(28) Hodak E, Lapidoth M, Kohn Y, David M, Brautbar C, Kfir B, et al. Mycosis fungoides: HLA class II associations among Ashkenazi and non-Ashkenazi Jewish patients. Br J Dermatol 2001;145(6):974-980.

(29) Weintrob N, Sprecher E, Israel S, Pinhas-Hamiel O, Kwon OJ, Bloch K, et al. Type 1 diabetes environmental factors and correspondence analysis of HLA class II genes in the Yemenite Jewish community in Israel. Diabetes Care 2001;24(4):650-653.

(30) Israel S, Brautbar C. A molecular method of diagnosi of Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia. Harefuah 2000;139(11-12):429-433.

(31) Tsafrir A, Brautbar C, Nagler A, Elchalal U, Miller K, Bishara A. Alloreactivity of umbilical cord blood mononuclear cells: Specific hyporesponse to noninherited maternal antigens. Hum Immunol 2000;61(6):548-554.

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(33) Levy J, Amar A, Brautbar C, Slavin S, Kapelushnik J. Transient recovery of endogenous immune function following haploidentical peripheral stem cell transplantation in a patient with severe combined immunodeficiency without evidence of engraftment. Acta Paediatr Int J Paediatr 2000;89(2):248-250.

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(37) Mora B, Battat S, Grillo R, Safirman C, Israel S, Brautbar C, et al. Strong linkage disequilibrium of TAP1*0301 and TAP2D alleles with the HLA A1-B35-DRB1*1104-DQA1*0103-DQB1*0603 extended haplotype in Ashkenazi Jews. Eur J Immunogenet 1999;26(5):331-335.

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(42) Bishara A, Sherman L, Raizman S, Popovtzer M, Brautbar C. Negative response to noninherited maternal antigens confirmed by ELISA. Transplant Proc 1999;31(4):1879-1880.

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