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איך למצוא ספר בספרייה - מדעי המחשב: 262 Computer Systems Organization (Architecture)

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Computer Systems Organization (Architecture)

262 Computer Systems Organization (Architecture)

262.1 Descriptions of machines

262.12 Minicomputer systems

262.13 Microcomputers, Microprogramming

262.14 Commercially available machines

262.15 Super computers, Super computer applications

262.16 Unique machines, Special-purpose machines, Parallel processors

262.17 Multiprocessors, Distributed Memory Computers, Array Processes

262.3 Machine organization-consideration, Machine organization-concepts

262.32 Evaluation of hardware

262.34 Software for describing architecture, Languages for describing architecture

262.35 Optical computers

262.36 Networks, Communications, Wireless communications

262.37 Memory organization (see also 263.4)

262.39 Modular construction, Bit slice, Fault-tolerant design

262.4 Fault detection

262.8 Analog computers, Hybrid computers, Hybrid Systems, Quantum Computation, DNA Computation [C.1.m]

262.9 Interfacing, Interfaces