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Computer Science - Finding books in the library: 252 Theory of computation

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Theory of computation

252 Theory of computation. Metatheory. Category

252.1 Logic, Formal systems

252.11 Boolean algebras

252.12 Theorem proving. Constraint satisfaction systems

252.13 Dynamic logic. Temporal logic

252.14 Petri Nets

252.2 Automata theory

252.21 Finite state automata

252.22 Cellular automata

252.23 Stochastic automata

252.24 Sequential machines

252.25 Tree Automata

252.3 Formal languages

252.4 Programs schemata. Semantics. Correctness. Program specifications (see also 241.8)

252.5 Computational complexity. Efficiency of algorithms. Algorithmic randomness

252.6 Algorithmic game theory. Algorithmic mechanism design. Algorithmic social choice. Electronic commerce

252.7 Computability. Unsolvability. Recursive functions

252.8 Rewriting systems. Graph reductions