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Open Access Publishing: HUJI Fund for the Support of Open Access Publishing

HUJI Fund information 2024

Partial funding of publication costs through a dedicated fund

In 2023, the dedicated fund for open publication was opened for the first time, marking a remarkable success as it reached full utilization within six months. Given the budgetary challenges facing the University on one hand, and the commitment to facilitate financing for exceptional articles on the other hand, commencing January 10, 2024, partial support will be extended to cover the publication costs of articles, not included in the HUJI Open Access agreements, provided they meet the following criteria:

  • Funding will be limited to only one application per year by the same faculty member.
  • A faculty member from the Hebrew University applying to receive support is defined as the Principal Investigator (PI) in this article.
  • Any request for support from the foundation is conditional upon confirmation of acceptance of the article for publication and confirmation of eligibility on behalf of the Libraries Authority after applying through a funding application form (access to the form through a Google account: gmail, HUJImail, etc.). Funding cannot be reserved in advance, nor will a retroactive refund be possible for a bill that has been paid.
  • The University will fully finance the cost of publishing up to $500. Beyond this amount, participation will be provided at a rate of 50% of the publishing cost.
  • The article must be published in a journal ranked in the top 10% of Q1 journals in at least one of the JCR (Journal Citation Reports) disciplinary categories of Web of Science (WOS) .
  • The amount allocated to the fund is limited and can be realized until the end of September 2024 or until the funds run out, whichever comes first.

  In cases where the Journal Impact Factor (JIF) rating may not be applicable (in fields such as the humanities and others), eligibility confirmation will be granted based on designated ratings that align with the same criteria.

  For more information, please contact the Library Authority: