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Your researcher ID: ORCiD & others: Unique Author Identifiers

for Hebrew University’s Researchers and Students

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   For questions, Please contact Avital Ordan, Research Publications, The Library Authority

Unique Author Identifiers for Hebrew University’s Researchers and Students

Every day more and more research is published. How can you correctly identify researchers and research from all over the world and in all languages? If you use the researcher’s name as your main search term, you will need to find all the variants including any typos. 

This is why we recommend using and managing your unique identifiers. The Hebrew University systems currently work with three such identifiers.

ORCiD @ HUJI     Scopus ID     Researcher ID / Pablons

Library Contacts

For questions and explanation please contact the librarian in your library or Avital Ordan, Research Publications Service Coordinator

Humanities & Social Sciences Library
Dr. Judit Gartner

Harman Science Library
Orly Rosen

Agriculture, Food & Environment Library
Hemdat Wolf

Berman Medical Library
Tomer Ben-Shushan

Law Library
Dr. Luba Gornstein
Education & Social work Library
Tanya Mahrshak

Mathematics & Computer Science Library
Dave Hamnahem
Archaeology Library
Dr. Ronit Shavit-Hivroni