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Bibliography management - Library of Agriculture, Food and Environment: Mendeley

What is Mendeley?

Mendeley is a free software for citation management. It is also an academic social network, with web, desktop, and mobile interfaces that can be synchronized

A free account grants GB2 of storage and limits the number of groups that can be shared. You can upgrade to a premium account.

Mendeley allows us to:

A. Share sources, comments, and insights with others through Mendeley groups

B. A variety of permissions, privacy and editing options

C. Contact other group members on the group page.

Steps of work

Step One: Finding Articles / Books / Other Sources: Once we have located these, we have to move them to the source and citation management tool so that we can use them later

:There are several ways to save citations in Mendeley

Direct export

 from specific Databases


from Databases, Google Scholar, articles records in Journals,

Various catalogs

PDF files of full text articles

Dragging and dropping a PDF file to your personal directory in Mendeley

​Indirect exports

From databases or other citation management software

Importing files saved as: Bibtex, XML, RIS


Opening an item record that is not exists in repository / catalog - web pages, reports, etc


Step Two: citing in the Word document and writing a bibliographic list - Cite while you write.

Once we have entered the items that we will use in writing the work to Mendeley, you can begin to quote them (in the body of work) and create a bibliographic list (at the end of the work). We do this in MS Word using the Mendeley plugin

How to insert citations into the word document

  How to create a bibliographic list at the end of the Word document

Change citation style

Working with PDF files

As well as being a sources and quotes management tool, Mendeley also allows us to work on PDFs of articles.

We can mark, add comments and more.

Short demo