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Bibliography management - Library of Agriculture, Food and Environment: Citation Styles

Citation rules pertaining to all citation methods

There are many different citation methods. Choose one method and build your list in a uniform way

Do not cite the bibliographical details as they appear in a journal or book, but according to a uniform method,

Usually according to the quote method of a particular journl.

 It is important to inquire with your advisor according to which method to cite.
When you work with the source material, you must copy all the bibliographic details that appear on it. Once it is no longer in your hands, it will be very difficult to complete these details.
 From the bibliographical details one must first identify the surnames and the authors' first names.
The above rules apply to the writing of a bibliography in general, as part of scientific writing in every field, yet each field of knowledge has its own conventions on this subject, as well as guides to scientific style and writing references.


Citation rules for different sources

Examples of citation styles according to important journals

 Nutrition: The American Journal of Clinical Nitrition and Style Requirements

 Start on paragraph: References

Biochemistry: The Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry

Start on paragraph References, page 11 

  Plant Pathology and Microbiology: APS Journals

 Start on paragraph: Literature Cited and References

 Endocrinology: AMA American Medical Association

 Start on paragraph: References