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Bibliography management - Library of Agriculture, Food and Environment: Citation Management Tools

The Library of Agriculture, Food and Environment

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Tools for managing sources and citations

Citation management tool allows you to:

A. Collect sources for quote (articles, books, theses, reports, etc.)

B. Save sources (PDFs) in a cloud account or on your PC

G. Arranging sources

D. Add annotations to sources

E. Link to full text, web pages, and documents

F. Quote sources inside the word document and creating bibliographies

Some of the tools  also able to:

A. Share sources with others

B. Work on article files (PDF) - add comments, highlight and more

C. Communicate with others as a social network

D. Get recommendations for new articles published recently in your research area.

Select a tool to manage sources and citations

In general it is worth checking out and trying out some tools to see which tool is ideal for your work. For detailed information about the source and citation management tools, see the specific tabs

Issues to be examined when choosing a tool for managing quotes:

A. Interface - Software installed on a computer, Internet interface or other type.

B. Is the citation style you need to use available in the tool you selected?

C. Is the software compatible with a word processor that you use?

D. Do you want to work together with other researchers and share your sources with them? (it is essential to check out what software they are using).

Group / personal trainings

The Library for Agriculture, Food and the Environment arranges groups / individual training about managing citations tools and quotations:

Mendeley, Sciwheel (formerly F1000 Workspace)

For more information and for guidance, please contact the Librarians:

9489934 - 08 ,Hemdat Wolf

Reut Glik, 08 - 9489907