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The Faculty of Medicine - Medical Neurobiology: Lichtstein David


Last updated December 2021 - Medical Neurobiology

List of Publications

(1) Shin E-, Nguyen B-, Jeong JH, Hoai Nguyen B-, Tran NKC, Sharma N, et al. Ouabain inhibitor rostafuroxin attenuates dextromethorphan-induced manic potential. Food Chem Toxicol 2021;158.

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(20) Feldmann T, Shahar M, Baba A, Matsuda T, Lichtstein D, Rosen H. The Na+/Ca2+-exchanger: An essential component in the mechanism governing cardiac steroid-induced slow Ca2+ oscillations. Cell Calcium 2011;50(5):424-432.

(21) Nesher M, Shpolansky U, Viola N, Dvela M, Buzaglo N, Ben-Ami HC, et al. Ouabain attenuates cardiotoxicity induced by other cardiac steroids. Br J Pharmacol 2010;160(2):346-354.

(22) Guttmann-Rubinstein L, Lichtstein D, Ilani A, Gal-Moscovici A, Scherzer P, Rubinger D. Evidence of a parathyroid hormone-independent chronic effect of estrogen on renal phosphate handling and sodium-dependent phosphate cotransporter type IIa expression. Horm Metab Res 2010;42(4):230-236.

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