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Mathematics - Finding books in the library: 30 - 39

חיפוש בקטלוג הספרייה

Library's recommendations

מיון הנושאים 30-39

30   Geometry

31   Foundations.    Synthetic geometry.    Non-Euclidean geometry.    Finite geometries.    Hyperbolic geometry 

32   Trigonometry.    Geodesy.    Spherical geometry.    Cartography

33   Analytic geometry.    n-dimensional Euclidean geometry

34   Algebraic geometry.    Algebraic groups.    Varieties.    Differential forms (see 79).    Quantum groups.  Tropical geometry

35   Projective geometry.    Descriptive geometry

36   Differential geometry.    Riemann spaces.    Super-geometry.    Symplectic geometry 

37   Vector and tensor analysis.    Tensorial sets.    Quaternions.    Spinors.    Clifford algebras

38   Integral geometry

39   Convex and discrete geometry.  Convex sets.    Distance geometry.  Polytopes and polyhedra