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Mathematics - Finding books in the library: 50 - 59

חיפוש בקטלוג הספרייה

Library's recommendations

מיון הנושאים 50-59

50   Real analysis

51   Theory of functions of a real variable

52   Calculus

53   Infinite series and sequences.   Summability.   Improper integrals.   Asymptotic behavior

54   Trigonometry.   Orthogonal and Eigenvalue expansion.   Fourier analysis

55   Harmonic analysis.   Almost periodic functions.   Banach algebras.   C* algebras.   Wavelets

56   Linear spaces.   Functional analysis.   Hilbert and Banach spaces

57   Integration and measure theory.   Theory of distributions

58   Inequalities

59   Asymptotic expansions.   Functional analysis