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Mathematics - Finding books in the library: Introduction

The Mathematics and Computer Science Library​

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Your guide to the library orientation, finding books, and some textbook recommendations

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The library staff

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Library Administrator:

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Finding items in the HUfind catalog

  1. First, search for the book in the HUfind catalog
  2. Conifrm it is available in our library and check its shelf number
  • If it's available - bring it from the shelf
  • If it isn't available - place an order in the HUfind catalog


Library's shelf numbers

The library's classification system is unique to the library and aimed at the specific needs of its users.

Each number represents a subject:
The Mathematics classification numbers run between 00 and 109.
For example: The books on set theory are classified as 13.

After the number are 2 letters of the 1st author's name

13 Sh

Represents a book on set theory whose author's name starts with SH

This guide is to the library's classification system and includes library recommendations in each field.

  Mathematics books are marked on the spine of the item with a white strip.
  Computer Science books are marked on the spine of the item with a green strip.
  Reserved (overnight) books are marked with an additional yellow strip.


In each subject, after the books by authors, are the following types of publications:

  • Collections of articles    (marked as "Coll.")
  • Seminars    (marked as "Sem.")
  • Symposia    (marked as "Symp.")

Other classification systems

Mathematics Subject Classification MSC2020

Library of Congress Classification, Class Q (Science), Subclass QA

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