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Mathematics - Finding books in the library: 70 - 79

חיפוש בקטלוג הספרייה

Library's recommendations

מיון הנושאים 70-79

70   Differential and integral equations

71   Ordinary differential equations (ODE).   Bifurcation.   Chaos.   ODE aspects of dynamical systems

72   Partial differential equations.   Elliptic partial differential equations.   Boundary problems

73   Non-linear differential equations

74   Potential theory.   Harmonic functions.   Polyharmonic functions

75   Integral equations

76   Integral transforms.   Operational methods.   Operational calculus (Heaviside)

77   Calculus of variations.   Minimal surfaces

78   Special functions.   Functional equations.   Hypergeometric series.   Bessel functions

79   Differential algebra.   Algebraic differential equations