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School of Public Health: Israeli Avi

Researchers / חוקרים

 Last updated December 2021 - School of Public Health

List of Publications

(1) Rosen B, Waitzberg R, Israeli A, Hartal M, Davidovitch N. Addressing vaccine hesitancy and access barriers to achieve persistent progress in Israel’s COVID-19 vaccination program. Isr J Health Policy Res 2021;10(1).

(2) Rosen B, Waitzberg R, Israeli A. Israel’s rapid rollout of vaccinations for COVID-19. Isr J Health Policy Res 2021;10(1).

(3) Rozenfeld M, Bodas M, Shani M, Radomislensky I, Israel A, Israeli A, et al. Introduction of hospital quality measures may lead to a temporary decrease in patient outcomes. Public Health 2021;200:71-76.

(4) Blake A, Hotez PJ, Israeli A, Chinitz D. Lessons from an ally: learning from Israel to vaccinate the American people. Microbes Infect 2021;23(4-5).

(5) Rozenfeld M, Bodas M, Shani M, Radomislensky I, Murad H, Comaneshter D, et al. National study: Most elderly patients benefit from earlier hip fracture surgery despite co-morbidity. Injury 2021;52(4):905-909.

(6) Stein-Zamir C, Israeli A, Grotto I. Immunization registry as a digital assessment tool during outbreaks. Clin Microbiol Infect 2021;27(2):166-168.

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(8) Rosen B, Israeli A, Schoenbaum S. Innovation and the Israel Journal of Health Policy Research. Isr J Health Policy Res 2019;8(1).

(9) Adini B, Israeli A, Bodas M, Peleg K. Increasing Perceived Emergency Preparedness by Participatory Policy-Making (Think-Tanks). Disaster Med Public Health Preparedness 2019;13(2):152-157.

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(19) Frankenthal D, Israeli A, Caraco Y, Lerman Y, Kalendaryev E, Zandman-Goddard G, et al. Long-Term Outcomes of Medication Intervention Using the Screening Tool of Older Persons Potentially Inappropriate Prescriptions Screening Tool to Alert Doctors to Right Treatment Criteria. J Am Geriatr Soc 2017;65(2):e33-e38.

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(23) Hadad A, Gafni N, Moshinsky A, Turvall E, Ziv A, Israeli A. The multiple mini-interviews as a predictor of peer evaluations during clinical training in medical school*. Med Teach 2016;38(11):1172-1179.

(24) Chinitz D, Israeli A. Not everything is black or white: Commentary on Filc D and Cohen N, blurring the boundaries between public and private health care services as an alternative explanation for the emergence of black medicine: The Israeli case. Health Econ Policy Law 2016;11(2):215-221.

(25) Adini B, Aharonson-Daniel L, Israeli A. Re: Casualties distribution in emergencies: Some critiques of load index model. J Trauma Acute Care Surg 2015;79(5):884-885.

(26) Adini B, Aharonson-Daniel L, Israeli A. Load index model: An advanced tool to support decision making during mass-casualty incidents. J Trauma Acute Care Surg 2015;78(3):622-627.

(27) Rosen B, Israeli A. IJHPR comes of age. Isr J Health Policy Res 2014;3(1).

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