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School of Public Health: Stein-Zamir Chen

Researchers / חוקרים

 Last updated December 2021 - School of Public Health

List of Publications

(1) Paltiel O, Hochner H, Chinitz D, Clarfield AM, Gileles-Hillel A, Lahad A, et al. Academic activism on behalf of children during the COVID-19 pandemic in Israel; beyond public health advocacy. Isr J Health Policy Res 2021;10(1).

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(3) Stein-Zamir C, Abramson N, Sonnenfeld-Alroey H, Charnes J, Eckstein D, Dienstag A, et al. Utilization of the Public Health Ordinance to prevent nosocomial spread in a case of acute measles-associated psychosis. Isr J Health Policy Res 2021;10(1).

(4) Lavi E, Shafrir A, Halloun R, Basel I, Eventov Friedman S, Abu-Libdeh A, et al. Eligibility for growth hormone therapy in children born small for gestational age is substantially lower than expected. Clin Endocrinol 2021;95(2):308-314.

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(6) Stein-Zamir C, Verbov G, Polak R, Constantini N. Hadassah Optimal: Exercise and nutrition in the immediate postpartum period in Israel-a successful intervention accompanied by government adoption. Peace Building Through Women's Health: Psychoanalytic, Sociopsychological, and Community Perspectives on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict; 2021. p. 109-125.

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