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School of Public Health: Shtarkshall Ronny

Researchers / חוקרים

 Last updated February 2023 - School of Public Health

List of Publications

(1) Griffin-Mathieu G, Berry M, Shtarkshall RA, Amsel R, Binik YM, Gérard M. Exploring Male Multiple Orgasm in a Large Online Sample: Refining Our Understanding. J Sex Med 2021;18(9):1652-1661.

(2) Gérard M, Berry M, Shtarkshall RA, Amsel R, Binik YM. Female Multiple Orgasm: An Exploratory Internet-Based Survey. J Sex Res 2021;58(2):206-221.

(3) Feldman BS, Baynesan F, Shtarkshal RA. Immigration and family welfare among ethiopian immigrants in Israel. Minority Groups: Coercion, Discrimination, Exclusion, Deviance and the Quest for Equality; 2014. p. 191-209.

(4) Neumark Y, Lopez-Quintero C, Feldman BS, Hirsch Allen AJ, Shtarkshall R. Online health information seeking among jewish and arab adolescents in Israel: Results from a national school survey. J Health Commun 2013;18(9):1097-1115.

(5) Shtarkshall RA. [Cultural barriers in health/medical services and the efforts to lower them]. Harefuah 2013;152(1):28-29, 59.

(6) Neumark Y, Flum L, Lopez-Quintero C, Shtarkshall R. Quality of online health information about oral contraceptives from Hebrew-language websites. Isr J Health Policy Res 2012;1(1).

(7) Feldman BS, Shtarkshall RA, Ankol OE, Sela T, Kark JD. Diminishing gender differences in condom use among a national sample of young Israeli men and women between 1993 and 2005. J Adolesc Health 2012;50(3):311-314.

(8) Feldman BS, Fassil B, Shtarkshal RA. Immigration and family welfare among Ethiopian immigrants in Israel. Minority Groups: Coercion, Discrimination, Exclusion, Deviance and the Quest for Equality; 2012. p. 189-210.

(9) Baynesan F, Feldman B, Shtarkshall R. [Trends of abortion rates among young Ethiopian immigrants in Israel aged 16-24 years during the period 1995-2005]. Harefuah 2011;150(2):175-179, 203.

(10) Feldman BS, Kark JD, Zarka S, Ankol O, Letyagina V, Shtarkshall RA. Behavioral surveillance of knowledge about HIV/AIDS transmission and perceived need for additional knowledge in a national sample of young israeli men and women between 1993 and 2005. AIDS Behav 2011;15(1):193-203.

(11) Daoud N, Shtarkshall R, Laufer N, Verbov G, Bar-el H, Abu-Gosh N, et al. What do women gain from volunteering? The experience of lay Arab and Jewish women volunteers in the Women for Women's Health programme in Israel. Health Soc Care Community 2010;18(2):208-218.

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(14) Rosen LJ, Manor O, Brody DL, Engelhard D, Shtarkshall RA, Zucker D. From pills to programs: Lessons from medicine for developing effective lifestyle interventions. Prev Med 2009;49(1):12-18.

(15) Shtarkshall RA, Baynesan F, Feldman BS. A socio-ecological analysis of Ethiopian immigrants' interactions with the Israeli healthcare system and its policy and service implications. Ethn Health 2009;14(5):459-478.

(16) Shtarkshall RA, Feldman BS. A woman with a high capacity for multi-orgasms: A non-clinical case-report study. Sex Relatsh Ther 2008;23(3):259-269.

(17) Shtarkshall RA. Involving regular partners when prescribing PDE-5 inhibitors: A critical note for professional organizations dealing with sexuality and sexual health. Sex Relatsh Ther 2007;22(3):295-301.

(18) Shtarkshall RA, Santelli JS, Hirsch JS. Sex education and sexual socialization: Roles for educators and parents. Perspect Sex Reprod Health 2007;39(2):116-119.

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(20) Lopez-Quintero C, Shtarkshall R, Neumark YD. Barriers to HIV-testing among Hispanics in the United States: Analysis of the National Health Interview Survey, 2000. AIDS Patient Care STDS 2005;19(10):672-683.

(21) Shtarkshall R, Soskolne V, Bubis-Feder P, Daoud N. The teaching of social sciences, health behavior, and health behavior change in public health. Public Health Rev 2002;30(1-4):201-208.

(22) Soskolne V, Shtarkshall RA. Migration and HIV prevention programmes: Linking structural factors, culture, and individual behaviour - An Israeli experience. Soc Sci Med 2002;55(8):1297-1307.

(23) Kaplan EH, Soskolne V, Adler B, Leventhal A, Shtarkshall RA. A model-based evaluation of a cultural mediator outreach program for HIV+ Ethiopian immigrants in Israel. Eval Rev 2002;26(4):382-394.

(24) Meydav S, Shtarkshall R, Yetley E. Panel: Consumers and manufacturers. Public Health Rev 2000;28(1-4):209-213.

(25) Cheney M, Shtarkshall R, Meydav S, Shaheen M, Galal O, Twite R, et al. Discussion. Public Health Rev 2000;28(1-4):215-216.

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(29) Chemtov D, Rosen H, Shtarkshall R, Soskolne V. A culturally specific educational program to reduce the risk of HIV and HBV transmission among Ethiopian immigrants to Israel: A preliminary report on training veteran immigrants as health educators. Isr J Med Sci 1993;29(6-7):437-442.

(30) Shtarkshall RA, Awerbuch TE. It takes two to tango but one to infect: (on the underestimation of the calculated risk for infection with HIV in sexual encounters, arising from nondisclosure of previous risk behavior or seropositivity). J Sex Marital Ther 1992;18(2):121-127.

(31) Shtarkshall R. Education is no cure-all. Discussing a comprehensive approach to reducing the risk of AIDS. Harefuah 1990;118(9):538-544.

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(33) Shtarkshall RA. Education is but one bullet. The case for an integrated, comprehensive, social policy to reduce the incidence of HIV infection. Public health and protection of the population: proceedings of the 1st International Congress on Public Health and Sanitary Protection of the Population.ICS840 1989:249-258.

(34) Schoenholtz SW, Horowitz HA, Shtarkshall R. Sex education for emotionally disturbed adolescents. J Youth Adolescence 1988;18(1):97-106.

(35) Shtarkshall RA. Motherhood as a dominant feature in the self-image of female adolescents of low socioeconomic status. Adolescence 1987;22(87):565-570.

(36) Shtarkshall RA. An examination of the concept ‘risk taking’ and its application to the contraceptive behavior of youth. Int J Adolesc Med Health 1987;3(2):121-134.

(37) Shtarkshall R, Basker E. Radio and Family Planning in Israel: Letters to Broadcasters. J Commun 1985;35(2):69-81.

(38) Shtarkshall RA, Reinhold L, Harel H. Transport of amino acids in barley leaf tissue: I. EVIDENCE for A specific UPTAKE mechanism AND the INFLUENCE of 'ageing' ON accumulators capacity. J Exp Bot 1970;21(4):915-925.

(39) Reinhold L, Shtarkshall RA, Ganot D. Transport of amino acids in barley leaf tissue: II. The kinetics of uptake of an unnatural analogue. J Exp Bot 1970;21(4):926-932.