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איך למצוא ספר בספרייה - מדעי המחשב: 236 Artificial intelligence, Intelligent agents

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חיפוש בקטלוג הספרייה

המלצת הספרייה

Computing methodologies

236 Artificial intelligence, Intelligent agents
See also 258.1 Neural networks

236.1 Robotics

236.2 Machine learning, Adaptive systems
See also: 258.2 Cognitive science

236.3 Pattern recognition, Image processing

236.31 Digital, signal processing

236.32 Optical, Vision

236.33 Audio, Speech

236.34 Image compression

236.4 Problem solving, Problem planning

236.5 Simulation of natural systems, Genetic algorithms

236.6 Heuristic methods, Expert systems, Fuzzy systems

236.7 Symbol manipulation

236.8 Knowledge representation, Automated reasoning, Fuzzy Logic

236.9 Natural language understanding, Natural language generation