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איך למצוא ספר בספרייה - מדעי המחשב: 243 Supervisory systems

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חיפוש בקטלוג הספרייה

המלצת הספרייה

Supervisory systems

243 Supervisory systems

243.1 Basic monitors

243.2 Multiprogramming, Multiprocessing, Timesharing

243.3 Data bases

243.31 Object oriented databases

243.32 Database languages, Software and systems (commercial)--SQL, DB2, DB languages

243.4 Data structures, Data types, File systems

243.5 Operating systems

243.51 UNIX, LINUX

243.52 VAX/VMS

243.54 MS-DOS, OS-2, NT, Windows, Microsoft operating systems

243.6 Scheduling algorithms, Queuing theory

243.7 Security, Privacy, Cryptography

243.8 Parallel processing, Distributed processing

243.9 Concurrency control, Distributed systems