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Hadassah Medical Center: Gileles-Hillel Alex

Last updated June 2021 - Hadassah Medical Center

List of Publications


Adler-Haltovsky T, Gileles-Hillel A, Erlichman I, Eventov-Friedman S. Changes in ventilation modes in the last decade and their impact on the prevalence of bronchopulmonary dysplasia in preterm infants. Pediatric Pulmonology [Internet]. 2023;58(7):1959–66. Available from:


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Gileles-Hillel A, Yochi Harpaz L, Breuer O, Reiter J, Tsabari R, Kerem E, et al. The clinical yield of bronchoscopy in the management of cystic fibrosis: A retrospective multicenter study. Pediatric Pulmonology [Internet]. 2023;58(2):500–6. Available from:


Sadras I, Kerem E, Livnat G, Sarouk I, Breuer O, Reiter J, et al. Clinical and functional efficacy of elexacaftor/tezacaftor/ivacaftor in people with cystic fibrosis carrying the N1303K mutation. Journal of Cystic Fibrosis [Internet]. 2023; Available from:


Dahan T, Nassar S, Yajuk O, Steinberg E, Benny O, Abudi N, et al. Chronic Intermittent Hypoxia during Sleep Causes Browning of Interscapular Adipose Tissue Accompanied by Local Insulin Resistance in Mice. International Journal of Molecular Sciences [Internet]. 2022;23(24). Available from:


Gileles-Hillel A, Soesman LH, Miari S, Breuer O, Tsabari R, Elyashar-Earon H, et al. The utility of glucose area under the curve from the oral glucose tolerance test as a screening tool for cystic fibrosis-related diabetes. Pediatric Pulmonology [Internet]. 2022;57(11):2774–80. Available from:


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Reiter J, Ramagopal M, Gileles-Hillel A, Forno E. Sleep disorders in children with asthma. Pediatric Pulmonology [Internet]. 2022;57(8):1851–9. Available from:


Choshen-Hillel S, Sadras I, Gordon-Hecker T, Genzer S, Rekhtman D, Caruso EM, et al. Physicians prescribe fewer analgesics during night shifts than day shifts. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America [Internet]. 2022;119(27). Available from:


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Biro O, Gileles-Hillel A, Dor-Wollman T, Eisenstein EM, Berkun Y. Neurological and neurodevelopmental symptoms in children with familial Mediterranean fever and their siblings. European Journal of Pediatrics [Internet]. 2022;181(3):973–8. Available from:


van der Vaart J, Böttinger L, Geurts MH, van de Wetering WJ, Knoops K, Sachs N, et al. Modelling of primary ciliary dyskinesia using patient-derived airway organoids. EMBO Reports [Internet]. 2021;22(12). Available from:


Choshen-Hillel S, Gileles-Hillel A. A wake-up call: Time to raise physicians’ awareness of the consequences of fatigue. Medical Education [Internet]. 2021;55(12):1342–4. Available from:


Paltiel O, Hochner H, Chinitz D, Clarfield AM, Gileles-Hillel A, Lahad A, et al. Academic activism on behalf of children during the COVID-19 pandemic in Israel; beyond public health advocacy. Israel Journal of Health Policy Research [Internet]. 2021;10(1). Available from:


Bar-Or RL, Levy I, Twig G, Broday DM, Lyubarsky A, Derazne E, et al. Associations of exposure to nitrogen oxides with prevalent asthma and other atopic diseases in Israel. Environments - MDPI [Internet]. 2021;8(10). Available from:


Khalyfa A, Trzepizur W, Gileles-Hillel A, Qiao Z, Sanz-Rubio D, Marin JM, et al. Heterogeneity of melanoma cell responses to sleep apnea-derived plasma exosomes and to intermittent hypoxia. Cancers [Internet]. 2021;13(19). Available from:


Grunewald M, Kumar S, Sharife H, Volinsky E, Gileles-Hillel A, Licht T, et al. Counteracting age-related VEGF signaling insufficiency promotes healthy aging and extends life span. Science (New York, NY) [Internet]. 2021;373(6554). Available from:


Kaditis AG, Ohler A, Gileles-Hillel A, Choshen-Hillel S, Gozal D, Bruni O, et al. Effects of the COVID-19 lockdown on sleep duration in children and adolescents: A survey across different continents. Pediatric Pulmonology [Internet]. 2021;56(7):2265–73. Available from:


Cohen-Cymberknoh M, Ben Meir E, Gartner S, Reiter J, Spangenberg A, Garriga L, et al. How abnormal is the normal? Clinical characteristics of CF patients with normal FEV1. Pediatric Pulmonology [Internet]. 2021;56(7):2007–13. Available from:


Barak-Corren Y, Barak-Corren N, Gileles-Hillel A, Heiman E. The effect of C-reactive protein on chest X-ray interpretation: A decision-making experiment among pediatricians. Pediatric Pulmonology [Internet]. 2021;56(6):1644–50. Available from:


Gileles-Hillel A, Guttman S, Breuer O, Reiter J, Leshem R, Shoseyov D, et al. Betamethasone versus dexamethasone for inpatient preschool wheezing—A case-control study. Pediatric Pulmonology [Internet]. 2021;56(5):875–82. Available from:


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Kerem E, Cohen-Cymberknoh M, Tsabari R, Wilschanski M, Reiter J, Shoseyov D, et al. Ivacaftor in People with Cystic Fibrosis and a 3849110kb C→T or D1152H Residual Function Mutation. Annals of the American Thoracic Society [Internet]. 2021;18(3):433–41. Available from:


Gileles-Hillel A. Sickle cell disease and obstructive sleep apnea-bad news for the brain. Sleep [Internet]. 2021;44(2). Available from:


Choshen-Hillel S, Ishqer A, Mahameed F, Reiter J, Gozal D, Gileles-Hillel A, et al. Acute and chronic sleep deprivation in residents: Cognition and stress biomarkers. Medical Education [Internet]. 2021;55(2):174–84. Available from:


Mandelkorn U, Genzer S, Choshen-Hillel S, Reiter J, e Cruz MM, Hochner H, et al. Escalation of sleep disturbances amid the COVID-19 pandemic: A cross-sectional international study. Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine [Internet]. 2021;17(1):45–53. Available from:


Ryan S, Cummins EP, Farre R, Gileles-Hillel A, Jun JC, Oster H, et al. Understanding the pathophysiological mechanisms of cardiometabolic complications in obstructive sleep apnoea: Towards personalised treatment approaches. European Respiratory Journal [Internet]. 2020;56(2). Available from:


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Gileles-Hillel A, Mor-Shaked H, Shoseyov D, Reiter J, Tsabari R, Hevroni A, et al. Whole-exome sequencing accuracy in the diagnosis of primary ciliary dyskinesia. ERJ Open Research [Internet]. 2020;6(4). Available from:


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Gross I, Gordon O, Cohen-Cymberknoh M, Reiter J, Tsabari R, Gileles-Hillel A, et al. Giant lung cysts following necrotizing pneumonia: Resolution with conservative treatment. Pediatric Pulmonology [Internet]. 2019;54(6):901–6. Available from:


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Palma JA, Gileles-Hillel A, Norcliffe-Kaufmann L, Kaufmann H. Chemoreflex failure and sleep-disordered breathing in familial dysautonomia: Implications for sudden death during sleep. Autonomic Neuroscience: Basic and Clinical [Internet]. 2019;218:10–5. Available from:


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Khalyfa A, Qiao Z, Gileles-Hillel A, Khalyfa AA, Akbarpour M, Popko B, et al. Activation of the integrated stress response and metabolic dysfunction in a murine model of sleep apnea. American Journal of Respiratory Cell and Molecular Biology [Internet]. 2017;57(4):477–86. Available from:


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Gileles-Hillel A, Almendros I, Khalyfa A, Nigdelioglu R, Qiao Z, Hamanaka RB, et al. Prolonged exposures to intermittent hypoxia promote visceral white adipose tissue inflammation in a murine model of severe sleep apnea: Effect of normoxic recovery. Sleep [Internet]. 2017;40(3). Available from:


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